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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by junior.nar, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. junior.nar

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    I was just trying to find out what anyone thought on this.I have some models that i bought in book form and want to be able to build them more than once in case i make some mistakes. Is it alright to scan the models before i build them so i can keep them for myself. I just wanted to know if anyone thought this was unethical or something.:thumb:
  2. Clashster

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    I think you will find that many members scan their models... In fact, currently there is a thread on scanning oversized models. I have scanned some of my Maty models as the original paper on most of them leaves much to be desired! Keep it for personal use only (ie - if you scan a model, don't give the files to anyone else or the original). It comes in handy for the more difficult builds where errors seem to be inevitable!

  3. Elliott

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    Exactly so. As long as you bought it and you make backup copies, which is what you seem to be talking about, for your own personal use, there should be no problem. There have been many discussions on this in the past and a search should lead you to any number of links.

    Elliott :thumb:
  4. alaimo@jcu.edu

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    My first book of paper models was one by Michale Johnson. I built three of the planes from the book. I had a scanner back then but figured if I liked it and wanted to build another, I would buy the book again, it cost me like 12.95 on sale or some such price. I decided I wanted to build the same model a couple of times, One of the ones that I already built. So I went to purchase the book, not more than 1 yr from original purchase date and maybe 1.5 years from printing. It turns out that some one stole the press dies or some such nonsense, the book couldn't be had. They would not reprint because the dies also precut the planes. The last I saw the book valued at NEW MINT was 2000 dollars, and one with three models missing was 700 dollars. I don't know if it is still the case, The moral is SCAN/COPY and save the original! just don't Pirate!
  5. wunwinglow

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    How much????!!!! I've got a copy of both volumes, untouched, covers slightly marked but the models are perfect; except the usual registration issues with the die cutting; I've never seen a copy where the cuts lined up properly with the images, that's why I've never tried building them. Anyway, if someone wants to send me $3500 for the pair, they are welcome to them!


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