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  1. Well, here's Juno! I spent a lot of time in the design department to get this where I wanted. Yogi made an already good model but I thought it deserved some more detailing so I set to work.
    The whole build is at 'the neighbours' and took several weeks. I won't be bothering you here with that, I'll just show you the end result.

    The detail kit will be made available in time at Jonathan Leslie's model vault at the Lower Hudson paper model gallery.

    Here's what has cost me several weeks of my life:
  2. ...And some more.
    The base is a small wooden photo frame with a close up view of Jupiter's cloud deck.
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    Looks differant to the one I built :thumb:
    I had to do the other one 2 pages to 1 sheet as the thing is a BIG model,
    mine hangs from the ceiling like a 3 winged seagull (lol)

    I see that what I though was an antenna/horn is in fact a thruster cover ?

    Great detail in there,

  4. Yes, that's correct. Juno has its own thruster. It first is covered while coasting but it will be opened when it's time for mid course corrections and will stay open from then. It also will do the braking to get into orbit around Jupiter and to plunge into Jupiter after the mission is over.

    The detail kit is as we speak up for download at Jon Leslie's site.
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    I just checked out the parts and info stuff,


    JJ-UK :thumb:

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