Junkers Ju EF.128 (W.I.P.)

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    I've been away for so long, I've almost forgotten how to use Meta and Pepakura. Worse, I totally lost the Meta and PDO files for my Ente and Hs132 to an HDD crash. :(

    Oh well. This time, I'll be more careful. I'll make it a point to store my Meta and PDO files in the cloud for safety.

    Now back to business.

    Recalling the problems I had with the my previous work, I decided to start simple this time. I will avoid putting too much details. No landing gears, wheel wells and engine exhaust for now. I'll try to get a good hang of figuring out how to make wing and body formers to ensure good alignment.

    After a short struggle relearning Meta (and with the help of this forum, especailly jaybat's thread), I managed to get this first prototype build up and running:




    No engine exhausts.... but I did leave enough room to add one in the future. :)

    Now, the next step would be to work on skinning the model... I hate skinning!

    Anyway, anybody interested in testing out this build while I worked on the camo and insignias?
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    Skinning complete!


    If anybody is interested in building this, you can download the Pepakura file from this link.

    I've also uploaded the diagrams to this forums' file section.

    The build instructions can be found here: Junkers JU EF128.


    - Eric
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    Ju 128 build

    my thanks to Eric for furnishing this beauty. here's my build

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    I'll factor in the suggestions you gave, plus I'll probably throw in some landing gears as well..... :)
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    very nice i like this one
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