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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Kevinkrey, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Kevinkrey

    Kevinkrey Member

    I have found that my layout while under construction has became a big 20'x9' table to collect clutter, to the point where I cant run trains. It would be fairly easy to clean it up, but it is hard to finf the motivation. Lately as I have began the scenicing process, I am finding room on the table is filling up faster since I dont want anything on the sceniced areas. I have discovered a way that helps me get the cleanup started. I ran a junk train. It consists of all of my operating gondolas a flat car, and a open hopper. every car has a purpose, one collects nails (that once held down the track and roadbed) one screws, one collects small parts that have uses, small pieces of trash in another, etc. I find this to be an interesting way of operation, and a way to get stuff done. The train goes back to the yard where the supplies are sorted.

    Just thought this was a fun idea that might be adapted to help some of you accomplish a long awaited and dreaded job. Here are two pics of my junk train.

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  2. chessie4155

    chessie4155 Active Member

    Great Idea Kevin...Your Layout is realy looking good:thumb:
  3. Tommybza

    Tommybza Member

    I like your idea shall give it a try my self
    looking real clean there ,is that a Dozer in your line up ?
    nice work ...
  4. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    WHat a unique idea!

    You know that the prince of India gets his meals delivered on a model train right?
  5. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Kevin, your scenery is looking really good to me!
  6. Sarge_7

    Sarge_7 Member

    I like it:thumb::thumb:
  7. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    When I'm laying track, I use my open cars to hold the various bits -- spikes, joiners, ties, cut off rail ends, ...
  8. Kevinkrey

    Kevinkrey Member

    I did that during the construction process also!

    The flat car has a John Deere backhoe on it, with a snow box I made for it.
  9. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    A good way to put some fun into the not-so-fun aspects of layout building. And the layout itself is looking really good. :thumb::thumb:

  10. tetters

    tetters Rail Spiking Fool!

    I got the same idea from Nachoman weeks back. Works neat. :mrgreen:
  11. nkp174

    nkp174 Active Member

    I've got to do that! :mrgreen:

    The only work train action I've ever had was when the then-new Bachmann big hauler of 20 years ago pulled the post-christmas tree needle cleanup train.
  12. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    Cool idea Kevin, I like that backhoe :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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