Jules Verne 100th anniversary

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by dardard, Mar 22, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    To celebrate the 100 years of the death of Jules Verne, you will find in my gallery the model of the nautilus I build from the Disney Experience website. I made a special stand by recreating the orignal book cover, and not shown in the photos, but if you open the book, you will see the first page of the original book that i have found somewhere in the web.
    The model was easy to build and not so bad, not very detailled also. It takes me quite the same time for building the nautilus than building is stand.

    I also put some photos of the models I have already build.

    Happy modeling to all
  2. nogard

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    I have this on file and have been trying to find time and energy to build it. looks better than I thought it would and the custom stand makes it the center of the mantle it should be (those of us whom have read the book appreciate these things)!

    nice work.

  3. dardard

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    Let's try it , the nautilus is not very complicated to build. And if you print it on strong paper (I did it on 110g), you will not need formers.
    To make the same stand as I did is not difficult, you can find covers of Jules Verne's books on the web. The longest job is to cut those hundred of paper strings to simulate the book's pages and make them quite the same size. (Sorry for the photos quality, but I can not do more for the moment).

    Best regards


    Last week I found a site with a larger 36" Nautalis; it looked like aresize of the Disney Experience model. I lost the link and would like help finding it.

    Deutshes Schiffahrtsmuseum has a large cutaway model
    seeming based on the Disney design.
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    the only 36" nautilus in paper that I know of is mine:




    and it is very different than the disney experience one. Far more of the model is in 3d on my version. so much so that even with a close inspection of the model most people don't guess is paper [cardstock], especially if you replace my paper salon windows with the plastic domes from the gumball machine:


    the big differences are the 3d salon windows, the 3d diving planes, and the big difference, the 3d rakers:


    this is a redone version laser printed on cardstock of the free version at:


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    Expensive, but my live will not be complete without it.

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