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    Northbound Tropicana juice train passing Glendale, Ohio on July 16, 2002.

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    I don't know of that juice train. Is there one to Chicago or Detroit too? I know the classic one that goes to New Jersey from Fla. Remember when there was a derailment in the Camden Tunnel in Baltimore? The O's games had to be called off. Well... The juice train took the ex-B&O capital sub to Cherry Run W.V. and then took the ex-WM into Hagerstown. Then the train took the NS up through Harrisburg, Allentown, Bound brook, and into New Jersey. The interesting thing is that this hodge-podge and indirect route was ACTUALLY FASTER than taking the CSX and then NS through Baltimore, Philly, Princeton Jct, Edison, and into Newark. The reason for this is the NS from Hagerstown to N.J. It is single track and the speed limit is about 75! The trains go fast all the way to NYC! On te other, more direct lines, the trains must slow down due to congestion, yards, etc. I talked to my friend- a CSX trainmaster, and he said that the Juice Trains will be diverted to the "Detoir" Route PERMANANTELY.

    He also said that the NS from Hagerstown to NYC will be made from one track to 3 tracks!!!!!!
    That line has benefited from the Conrail merger more than pretty much any other line, considering 4 yrs. ago all the action was daily 10 car locals. The line was in danger of being removed. Now instead of one train daily, there are trains hourly! Intermodal, daily Coal Drags, 200 car mixed's heading to the Enola yard, 100 car Interchange trains, Juice train, The now 30 car locals due to all the contruction, you name it. In a span of just a few years this line has gone from pretty much dead-in danger of being removed to one of the (If not the) buisiest north-south lines in America. The passing sidings are always full of trains, the yard is full, industries are popping up. It's amazing.
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    Juice Train

    Hi Brian, Back in the middle 80's I had to spend several months in Richmond, VA while attending to some business. I stayed with an aunt whose house was about a block from the RF&P's NE corridor.
    There were one or two of the juice tains through there every day but they were all northbound and I never saw them returning southbound. Always wondered which way they were routed back and if they carried anything on the return.
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    Maybe that's the route it takes back! Now things are starting to make sense!
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    There is in fact a second, altho shorter, juice train bound for the Midwest. It runs from the same point in Florida (Bradenton, maybe?) to Hamilton, Ohio, whih is just north of Cincinnati. Since it's only eight or so cars, I can't imagine it runs in a dedicated the whole route; maybe it's combined with a hot intermodal south of Cincinnati or something. Anyone know for sure?
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    Great photo Brian. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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