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    I'm looking for a 3/4 view drawing of the JSU-152 "Zveroboy" self-propelled gun based on the IS-2 chassis. I've looked in the usual places on the net without result.

    Anyone help?

    I'm looking at "Doing a Darwin" with the Young Technician model of the JSU but there are obvious inaccuracies in the YT model which (IMHO) are worth correcting.


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    That's an interesting point - the JSU-152 was the equivalent to the SU-152 but based on the JS chassis. According to www.battlefield.ru the prototype of the JSU-152 (Object 241) was completed in mid-1943. The SU-122 was a modification created to overcome the shortage of the 152mm cannons. The prototype SU-122 (Object 242) was demonstrated in late 1943. Both models (122/152) and the JS-1 tank appeared in action at roughly the same time.

    I guess I should think about providing an option to build a JSU-122 - the only difference is the gun barrel for the early models of these SPGs.


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    It may be of limited use, but try


    It does have a drawing of the 152 variant. If you need some assistance whilst doing a Darwin, go right to the horse's mouth (though some insist it is another part of the equine anatomy) and drop me an email.

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