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    In competition to Boeing's 3707 Caravel, Northrop Grumman launched a program to develop a competitor to this spacecraft. Out of this program grew the Northrop Class, named after NASA's first ship of the line, the USS Jack Northrop, followed by the Kelly Johnson and the Lawrence Bell. The USS Northrop was launch in 2033 atop an Ares-Magnum from LC-5 of NASA's pacific launch facility. Even with the Northrop's slightly unconventional features, such as a radial gas core nuclear engine two large wing-like radiatior fins, it a very popular design with both US and foreign customers. Unlike the 3707, it was not as widely marketed to civilian agencies.

    However, the fifth ship of the class was not built by Northrop Grumman, but contracted to Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation, for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. It was dubbed the Japan Space Exploration Vessel Hideo Itokawa after the famed rocket pioneer, also known as "Dr. Rocket". In 2047, it was fitted with an experimental hyperspace drive system developed by CERN along with several other ships in preparation for a special mssion to the planet who cordinates were contained in alien probe found earlier that year. It was severally damaged while trying to draw fire away from the stricken ESS Frank Whittle.

    Originally, it was planned to scrap the ship at the Frau Mauro ship yards, but, due to great public outcry, it was put on display at a hangar at the civilian spaceport at Tranquility Base.

    Once again, this model was built from 110lb cardstock. It is loosely derived from a comercial Tomahawk cruise missile paper kit.
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    Any plans to make these available? I like the way you've adapted other forms to the SF realm. Very good job.

    Tom Williams

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