JSC United States Good or Not?

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by billmcc, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. billmcc

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    Hi All,

    I've been thinking about giving the JSC United States a try. Any opinions on the quality of this kit?
  2. milhistory

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    I am about half way through the United States. Although it is my first ship model, I am pleased with the results thus far. The fit is excellent and the coloring is nice, but not detailed. Also, there is no weathering on the model. My main problem was handling the large pieces like the hull sides and portions of the decks. I had just finished Modelik's Willys Jeep (many small pieces) and did not adjust well. Therefore, the hull is fairly warped, especially on one side.

    Overall, I recommend the kit. Although not detailed, it does build into an impressive model. My progress so far...
  3. barry

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    Michael is building it on Kartonbau as well

  4. Atomsk

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    I've got the kit, but I don't dare build it as my first ship. The printing is top notch, and the level of detail is just about as much as I can handle.

    One thing that particularly impressed me is the unique engineering of the main hull structure. Unlike most JSC kits, United States has a waterline plate, to which you glue the frames. However, the clever bit is a triangular beam, running almost the entire length of the hull, through the middle of nearly every frame. There are also shear clamps that connect the upper corners of the frames, and provide a large gluing surcace for the edges of the deck and sides.

    All in all, if I were ever to design a ship model, this is the sort of structure I'd give it.

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