JSC Replacement Barrels?

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by eibwarrior, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. eibwarrior

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    Hey fellow ship modelers!

    I need some help. I'm mid-way into JSC's HMS KGV and I'm looking for some of the replacement barrels that JSC makes. I've tried all the usual sources that I frequent (cardmodels.net, papermodelstore.com, lighthousemodelart.com) and I can find many JSC barrels, but not KGV...

    Does anyone here know where I can find a retailer who sells these barrels?

    Thanks in advance, any help is much appreciated!
  2. cmdrted

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    gpm.pl used to have them in 1/400. they suffered some type of computer revamp etc. and some of thier prodiucts are not yet on line again.
  3. Teamds

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  4. eibwarrior

    eibwarrior Member

    Thanks guys.

    Hobby Factory has the 1/400 JSC barrels but I don't see any for KGV. Even if somebody had the Prince of Wales barrels, they should work.

    GPM.pl had a lot of JSC barrels to, but I didn't see any for KGV.

    Any other sources you can think of?


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