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  1. hiya all,
    i am building 2 copies of myJSC lance and Cossack model in 1/400 scale and cranked up to 1/200 scale. i am 85% finished my lance test model, and starting the HMS cossack but i find that the foward deck has over hang over the hull and then white 10 the deck underlay seems to be shorter then part 12 the printed deck by at least 1/2 an inch, did i get a copy with a printing mistake does any one here have the same model :?
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    Yeah, looks like the part 10 is too small in my Cossack, too.

    BTW, I had some problems with deciphering your post. :( Next time use some dots etc., please.
  3. ok, so the publisher made a mistake when they printed it. i guess the best thing to do is cut small sections of part 10 and do dry fits , and marking the back side the printed deck and glueing them before attaching the foward deck to the hull .
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    If I were you, I'd scan part 12 and print it (or copy it by hand) in order to use it as part 10. Maybe it would need to be sanded slightly, then.

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    Hey Guys,

    Just thought I would "chime in" on this. My photo editing program allows me to "cut out" certain portions of photos or scans, and then allows me to lengthen, enlarge, shorten, reshape or what ever I need to do.
    I am using a 1995 compaq Presario "ETCH-A-SKETCH" with adobe photodeluxe home edition 3.0 (one of the oldest photo deluxe versions there is).
    You might try to use your photo editor if you have one, in this wayor, if you wish, you can scan the part/page in question and explain how you would like the part resized or reshaped and I would be happy to see what I can do with it. And then I would email it back to you.
    I do similar things to this for ppl when I make portraits of them with their favorite celebrities or do glamour shots for the ladies on my website.
    http://gregsphotos.1hwy.com I have to resize and stretch many things as well as "clone" various aspects in these photos on my site. (if you go there, please note that every pic you see contains just the head or the whole person placed into another photo with the celeb or in cases of glamour photos, i usually use only the head and place it on another body of equal size).
    Sorry for getting off track, but if you decide you would want me to see what I can do with the part, email me at GEEDUBBYA@prodigy.net

    as always, happy modeling,


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