JSC Friedrich der Grosse

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Dave Treby, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Dave Treby

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    I purchased this 1/250 kit on ebay on a bit of an impulse (Iknow, but you've all done it). I've followed the JSC 1/400 thread with interest. This is one of the 'Red ribbon' kits and looks a lot better than the only other JSC kit I've tried SMS Pather.
    However Friedrich is a big boy, 76 cm long, and at the slow pace I work allowing for diversions along the way, will probably take me a year. Has anyone experience of this kit? I'd like to know what I'm letting myself in for before I start.
  2. michik

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    there's a construction report with very precise information about the traps of this kit on Kartonbau.de:

    The first parts are with an english translation, too, the rest is only in German language, but maybe a translator like babelfish will do the trick. If not, just ask, and I'll do my very best to help you.

  3. Dave Treby

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    Thanks for that, Michi. I'll study the thread in a bit more detail later, but the pictures of the hull construction help. I think I'd figured most of that out , but the kit instructions don't help a lot. What an odd way to make a hull.
  4. JHS

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    I have to say that only brave souls engage in close action with JSC 1:250! I have and have come away with hull and rigging shot full of holes!
  5. JHS

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    I wasted four years trying to rework their LION into something resembling the ship---was one of the worst modeling experiences I've ever had in 49 years of modeling. Finally tossed it 50% complete because I was fed up reworking virtually every part (it was loosely based on the deeply flawed Norman Ough LION plans, and on a very vivid imagination, as are all of the JSC WWI warship models---on a vivid imagination---except for the sound Austro-Hungarian series, oddly enough). I realized I could have scratchbuilt a 1:250 QUEEN MARY battlecruiser quicker using the superb plans in John Roberts' BATTLECRUISERS book. Now I stick to GPM and Halinski.

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