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    Model train maker Bockmann Industries has been signed to produce a scaled-down version of Crashela, Amtrek's new high-speed passenger train.

    Expected to arrive in stores in time for Christmas, the model is being touted as the most realistic ever made. Each HO scale train set is planned to include front and rear locomotives and three exploding passenger cars. It will boast a high-tech, onboard computer chip designed to limit the train's speed and ensure that it arrives at Plasticville Station late. The model will even be equipped with a tilting mechanism like that of its big brother. (As on the full-size version, the feature can unpredictably malfunction, causing the model to rock wildly on its track.)

    According to a Bockmann spokesperson, the Crashela model will be the first toy train in history to use a "randomizing circuit" for the control of train functions. The interior lights will realistically blink off and on. Occasionally, the model may come to an abrupt stop and then sit disabled for 3-1/2 hours while awaiting a rescue locomotive. (Crashela Rescue Engine sold separately.) Optional HO scale busses can even be used by the hobbyist to simulate the alternate transportation typically provided in such instances.

    But Bockmann isn't stopping there. A Collector's Edition is already in the works. This special set will offer a train that is programmed to accidentally uncouple after reaching top speed. Collector's Edition packages will also include a Grade Crossing Adventure kit. The detailed miniature will feature an HO scale tanker truck filled with real gasoline sitting stalled on the tracks. Bells and flashing lights warn of an approaching train.

    In another innovation for the toy industry, Bockmann intends to mimic Amtrek's business strategy. They plan on selling the train set for less than it costs to manufacture.

    :rolleyes: for more nonsense
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    It's almost too good to be real, so who thought this one up?:rolleyes:
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    All right now, this is a "serious" modeller's forum.

    (hack, hack, urg, ack)

    What about the collapsing bridge pier accessory??
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    Gee, my trains already do that. FRED
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    good point do mine

    uncouple that is..

    So for real, whats the deal with the exploding cars?

    I here Amtrek is a really slow ride.............................


    collapsible.....bridge abutment.......really
    Cid : is that a cat with aftermarket ears?:D
    No shedding cat!
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    I trys to give Amtrek some leeway...I met my beloved of 13 years going from Baltimore to Rochester by way of coach...(I think those $3.50 Cokes and $4.75 hotdogs may have had a hand in it....NOT!!!)
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    "2001 remains forever shadowed by the tragic events that have left us as a nation shaken. For far too long we had taken for granted a secure and peaceful world, but we have now been jolted from that comfort into harsh reality. This is a time that demands personal sacrifice and vigilance. We will never be the same."

    In other official business, the President and Board of Directors agreed on the purchase of new executive office furniture. "For far too long we have needed comfortable, overstuffed chairs in the Board room. We have suffered enough," said Mr. Sanguine. "This is the dawn of a new day full of relaxed and luxurious living."

    :D :rolleyes: :eek:

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