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  1. mvink

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    I want to join two tubes or pipes in a 90 degree angle. Is there any template to get the tube ends right without having to use some unfolding software. I am still working in 2-d.
  2. SteveM

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    The unrolled shape will be one cycle of a cosine wave where the amplitude is equal to the radius of the tube.

    y = R * cos (x/R)
  3. Ron Caudillo

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    Development of flat patterns

    PM me and I'll send you a pattern development tutorial using traditional drafting techniques (these procedures can be used with any 2D cad program also), or paper/pencil/T-Square & triangles.

    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo
  4. spirtos

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    you can download Tubemiter from here : OzHPV - Giles Puckett's TUBEMITER>EXE

    I have tried it when I was scratchbuilding a motorcycle paper frame and it works. :)

    Ron Caudillo I'm sending you a PM because I'm interested in this tutorial.
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  6. mvink

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    Thanks everyone for all your help. When I finish the project I am working on, I think you will like what I will be giving out to the community. It's both Sci-Fi and Real Space related.

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    Great link, thanks Spirtos! Be sure to check out his home page for the large scale tanks. Not paper but pretty cool none the less. Also lots of useful stuff for the tinkerer.


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