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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Wildcatfootball, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Well, the local club in the area had an open house today, so I went down the checked it out. Amazing layout they had (the clubs name is Centralia-Chehalis Model RR Club, no website however) they meet at the old Northern Pacific Depot here in Chehalis, which has since been turned into a museum. So I was just looking around and was talking to one of the guys, and after talking for awhile he asked if I wanted to join the club. I was actually blown away! This layout is still under construction (maybe about 80%-85% done) but already the detail is well out of what I feel I could do. I'll try to post pics (if permission is given) here on friday after we meet. If this is useless info I'm sorry, I was just rather excited about it all.:mrgreen:
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    hey wildcat,

    glad to hear you joined a club! i just came from my friday nite club meeting. its a blast, you'll see. they probably don't have a site because noone knows how to put one up??? it was the case with us until we discovered pretty easy to do. maybe they will want that.
    here is ours:

    Main Page @
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    Hey Wildcat..!! It's always good to hear from anyone with that kind of info. It's great you found some MRR's in your area you can share experiences with, learn, teach & socialize...Maybe even get some help on your layout...present or future...

    Good luck..!! :thumb:
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    Good to hear you joined a club. Keep us posted about the club's operating scheme and how everything goes. Also, please post some pics if you get the chance, and let the other members know about The Gauge.
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    That's cool Wildcat! Gary, I like the promotion idea! :)
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    Hey Wildcat

    I joined a club here in Caldwell, ID this past summer and it has been a learning experience. I am really happy to have found The Gauge, but to get hands on learning is really exciting.

    Here is what one of our members did for our site. Nothing fancy, we don't have our own domain name or anything, but it gets the info out there.

    What I like is that we are all good at different things and learn from one another.


    ** And if you are looking for more NP stuff, or ANY railroading gear, try these guys. Their search engine is friggin' HUGE. They are located in Blaine, WA and just over the border in Surrey, BC.

    PWRS Pacific Western Rail Systems PWRS
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    To bad we dont have a club up here in G.P Alberta:sad:
  8. Hey everyone, heres some more info about the club. If anyone knows the pacific northwest area well (and NP operating area) you'll somewhat know where the places are. They model the 1970's and before. The major sections of the layout are named after towns in the area here. They have a 5 track staging yard which is named Tacoma, there main yard is named Centralia, which is also 5 tracks. They have modeled the old NP roundhouse in Centralia too, however it's still under construction. They have 1 passenger terminal, which is placed in the town of Winlock. They city of Winlock is placed right behind it and modeled 100% true to what the city looks like. Most of the layout is a single main, but 2-3 trains run on it at a time. The room they have is a 50x15ft room in the old depot, and they've made the most of the space. Everything is DCC, Digitrax, and all yards are controlled by signals which have a LED screen connected to each one so an operator can see where is train is in a block with out actually having a visual of it. It is a really amazing layout, and if anyone is driving up or down I-5 between Seattle and Portland, they should drop by and take a look. A short 5 min drive off the freeway and you're at the museum, so it's not like you can get lost to easily.

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