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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by pauldowns, May 10, 2008.

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    Be a part of the Largest Modular Model Railroad in the History of the Universe! Join the other 700 NTRAK modules committed (so far) to the Derby City Express in the largest NTRAK layout ever seen.

    The layout will cover 50,000 square feet, measuring 200' x 250'. A conservative estimate is that is will take five hours to take a train one lap around the layout!

    We still have room for a few more modules, so if you are thinking about bringing a module but haven't yet committed, go to the Derby City Express website and click the NTRAK tab. Here you will find details on how to get a module in the show, who to contact, when to set-up, etc.

    We may still have room in the other N Scale layouts as well, such as TTRAK, Free-Mo-N, beNdTRA and oNeTRAK.

    Paul Downs
    Production Co-Chair, 2008 National N Scale Convention, The Derby City Express
    June 25-29, 2008
    Convention Information*

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  2. RonP

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    Sounds like a great event i would love to attend. I can't

    But what has me befuddled is the acronyms and what the heck they all mean.
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    Huh? :confused:
  4. pauldowns

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    Quite the alphabet soup, isn't it? N Scale has more standards than any other scale. I guess we just like to build modules!

    NTRAK - standard is 2x4 modules with 3 tracks. The original N Scale modular. Largest and most popular standard. (US). Standards

    TTRAK - usually 8"-12" deep, length varies from 12" to 4'. 2 tracks, Kato track. They have no legs, they are set on tables. Developed in Japan. Model Railroad Small Layout, N Scale Modular System.

    oNeTRAK - single track main, can connect to NTTRAK as a branch line. oNeTRAK

    beNdTRAK - 2 mains on each side of the module, no skyboard - can connect to NTRAK standard with adapter. Please report any dead links

    Free-moN - not NTRAK, prototypical operation is main goal. Free-mo N scale (Free-moN)
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  6. RonP

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    Funny thing is I do understand them now and want to do N scale now. I mean roNTRAK

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