Johnny Five from the movie short circuit

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    Hey Guys,

    Now I am not much on robot models personally, but I did like this movie back in the 80's......"Short circuit", which featured a military robot gone......well I cant say gone "bad", lets just say a military robot "gone" lol. anyway I came across this model, and I am sure someone will like it.
    it seems to be a fairley good looking model from what i remember of the movie.
    Anyway, just thought I would stop by and drop this link off for anyone who may want it, either for themselves or for "the kids shelf".
    The link appears below:

    i will try to import a phot of the model for ya'll to see below.

    When I win, you all win, I share the wealth,

  2. rickstef

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    I think this model was 'debunked" as a paper model

    I haven't seen the actual parts layout or the kit itself, nor a model of the actual finished Johnny 5

    I believe this to be the Quake2 mod.

    I am game to be proven wrong

  3. It has been a common problem from newer modelers and non-designers of seeing "model" and pointing out "card model".
    While it is technically possible to dissect any CAD file, game mesh, or 3d vector array into a paper construction, it is *NOT* as simple as dropping one file into another software and clicking a button (AKA the "instant gratification" fallacy).
    S.A.I.N.T. unit5 as it appears on that link is a cartoon (read: caricature, sketch) constructed with inadequate information (stated in the text), satisfactorily developed for its intended purpose but to be picked apart and heavily critiqued as is done frequently to other items brought to discussion on this forum system.
    This item was designed as, and was not considered to be anything more than, a mesh for a gaming platform. Conversion to a cardmodel can be done with available softwares, but to a predictably poor result. The "low-polygon" factor which provides for rendering speed during game play is a negation for nomination as a cardmodel candidate.

    While I am not declaring "don't try it", I do recommend gathering information from reliable sources and designing the model from scratch to create a satisfyingly well thought out and buildable model.

    Additionally, this particular game mesh has been subject before on another forum, in which one had attempted to convert it to card, and the task has whispered off into silence.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Thanks Guys,

    Like I said, I am not much on robot models myself, and I never even tried to download the thing. I was surfing, as usual, and just happened across it, remembered the movie and "assumed" (we all know where this is going lol ).
    Anyway, thanks for the heads up on this, not only for me, but for other members as well.

  5. Ashrunner

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    I took the mesh GEEDUBBYA found, converted it to wavefront format and with the help of Pepakura and a bit of assistance from NOBI in working the model to less confusingly unfold, was able after a couple of hours to produce something resembling a paper model.

    It has been uploaded to the Free Models section of the Parts Bin. There aren't any instructions for the model, just some screen shots of the break down as Pepakura saw it. I thought I would put it up for anyone who wanted to mess around with it. Since I haven't built the thing, please don't ask me for help in putting it together. As I mention in the description, look at it as a puzzle. Hopefully anyone attempting this will have fun 8v) Enjoy!

    The file name is

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