John Reid for Diorama Moderator!!

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Fishcarver, Nov 23, 2007.

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    Gang: I am just back from my summer hiatus. Found my modeling tools again today... It is great to see that our community is still alive.

    Now, I have been, nominally, the Diorama Moderator for lo these past 5 years. I have not done much with the category,I am sorry to say.

    Enter John Reid, my fellow Canuck, with his brilliant and beautiful work!! Personally, I would pay big bucks to sit down for a couple of days and learn from him.

    I think that John Reid should, ought (indeed, must) take over the position of Moderator of Dioramas and Displays on this Forum.

    Administrator: Please offer John this position!!.

    I am willing to backstop John in Dioramas (if he'll have me) or Nebeltex with Armor and Mil Vehicles, or wherever the Administrator might think I'll be most useful.

    Jim Roberts
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