"John Bull" and "DeWitt Clinton"

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    What routes did the prototypes of the "John Bull" and "DeWitt Clinton" Bachmann starter sets serve and what coach classes were in the "John Bull" train?
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    A little info on the John Bull's train...

    There is only 1 surviving car. A century ago, there were two. The second is thought to have been similar to the survivor. No one knows what happened to the second car (or at least they didn't in when John H. White Jr published his book after he'd run the John Bull for its 150th birthday). The John Bull's cars are typical of the era...the DeWitt Clinton's are a bit more abnormal (but not unique).

    As far as the classes, I don't recall off the top of my head that there were any other than short, poorly light, rough, and cramped.
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    I've always wanted those trains for a Christmas display, someday...
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    Both are usually available on ebay. Ok for display. They are made for children to run at 100mph. I have the John Bull, no cars, as an old loco on my 1900 era layout. It still has to be made look aged.

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    DeWitt Clinton

    I have had 4 of these Bachmann sets, and all of them were good for about 4 laps around a track. For some reason, every one of them seem to get an internal short in the motor. I sent 1 back to B'mann, and it was good for a half dozen laps, and Bingo, same thing. Good to set on a shelf and look at. Cute, but that's all.

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    The John Bull

    The bull was the first steam locomotive to run on the Camden and Amboy Railroad in New Jersey. This line was absorbed by the Pennsylvania Railroad.
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    The De Witt Clinton

    The Mohawk and Hudson Railroad, and the De Witt Clinton

    This Upper New York Valley railroad was chartered on April 17, 1826. It contracted to the West Point Foundry who had previously built the Best Friend, and the West Point. Locomotives that for their time were successful.
    The De Witt Clinton was a four wheeler, less that 12’ long that weighed in at less than three and a half tons. It was not a success as was the Best friend and West Point. When tested with coal the first time it could not reach seven miles an hour. It’s first track test was just over 12 miles in distance. The trip took one hour and forty five minutes. On August 13, 1831 the first run was made. It was to be two trips. The De Witt Clinton was plagued with problems. Water flooded the cylinders, the draft was poorly designed. The forced draft that was rigged caused the coal to burn so hot it melted the fire grate. It was sent back to the West Point foundry. Horse power was used on the second run. The lines second engine was a Stevenson, English built, four wheel, six and a half ton loco, that was more successful.
    A funny thing about this second engine from England. The Men who worked this road the M&HRR also call this engine the BULL!----THE JOHN BULL!
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    I too have had a couple repairs done to mine...I think I've had it since 1992. It's short wheelbase always was problematic on #6 turnouts (the insulated frogs) and it likes to bounce on Code 83 track. Still, it has been going strong without repairs since about 1995. I still really like it...despite its higher top speed. With 3-4 cars behind it, it behaves ok.
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    I have all three of those sets, purchased from a JC Penny catalog back in the 80's. I added small amounts of weights to the cars and to this day all work great with the exception of #6 turnouts.

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