Jelcz W640 JS - ORLIK scale 1:25

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  1. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Hi all, this is my actual project working on:

    Polish truck JELCZ W640 JS - scale 1:25 - from year 1975 issued by Polish publisher ORLIK in 2004.

    Model is of 17pages /A4format/ and 9pages/A4format/ of drawings

    Workin´on this close to 4months already - and here is one picture and link to "sister web" build-story
  2. jcrespo

    jcrespo Member

    Beautiful work


    Congratulations ... you do great detail work! I admire your dedication to the craft.

  3. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Joe - thank you for your comment

    In meantime when working on dumper body can give you a detail of "steel-roap" :)
  4. phlipmbirner

    phlipmbirner Member


    What a great model! I am also building the Jelcz.

    I have collected all the pictures you and a couple of other members of the Kartonbau forum have taken of their Jelcz projects. I am only on the first page of my build. Already I have used the pictures many times for reference. Thanks very much!

  5. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Hi Phil, if you will need any info concerning the Jelcz - build or some additional picture - just ask /hope that can help you/

    General memo - Just be carefull when placing front axle and specialy the "leaf springs" of front axle to keep the model in balance to not make the same mistake as I did /model is higher in front part - I have to make a load on a dumper :D

    Picture - dumper chasis - part 1

    BTW - are you going to make just standard model or planning some adjustments?
  6. phlipmbirner

    phlipmbirner Member

    Hi Bernie,

    I have begun to assemble the rear suspension. I am glad you have warned me about the potential problems with the front. At the moment my greatest fear is not getting the "foundation pieces" such as frame and mounting points for the suspension on straight. Then I will have real problems later.

    I am trying to build the model the way it comes out of the book. I fear I will never complete it should I start to add more. I am resisting trying to paint the truck. Part of the reason to do so is that there is not that many places to find different color paint unless you are buying it by the 5 lt. container. That is a bit expensive! What little touch up I do is with my children's felt coloring pens.

    Also I do not have any examples of the real thing here in Lusaka. I keep looking for a Jelcz here but so far have not found one. There are lots of dump (tipper) trucks and many European trucks here but so far no Jelcz. Do you have any picture sources of Jelcz trucks you have found on the web?

    Thanks for the additional pictures. I have added them to my collection.
  7. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Phil, allways try to help yourself with support elements like wooden-sticks, wooden beams etc /but rear axles will be flexible to the place you land your model - see the picture :D /no fear/

    see the retouching of rusted dumperbody /all retouch is done with acvarel - colours only/

    Link to the Jelcz discussion - some pictures available w640
  8. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    trailor - a lot of corrosion added and as well /the red-braun part/ is baisment painting after a "repair of damaged area"
  9. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    hi bernie,

    amazing work ! when i see your cars i would like to start one right now :D . please make some detail pictures.

    greetings from graz
  10. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Hi Raimund, OK - your order received - will take at home some truck-shots, but today can give you a picture of well known Good - Morning Doll /but this time done by Michal Kavalier - Good Night Doll :D /
  11. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    great idea - and the first picture of this figure not built by me :lol: - send my best wishes to michal.

    greetings from graz
  12. Bernie

    Bernie Member

  13. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Here is global view on a dumper - with a huge load of grey sand /mountain dust/ load. Tried to make a illusion of over-loaded truck
  14. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Works on driver´s cabine started already /some acessories have been added already eg coffee mug, tabacco bag, CB transmitter, documents - incl Jelcz - paper model cover sheet in scale 1:25/
  15. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    hi bernie,

    unbelievable ! where the hell did you get this 'headless' 8) driver ?

    greetings from graz
  16. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Probably he listened to AC/DC :D :D

    /scratch build - driver´s name Leszek/
  17. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    some small progress in "body-building" :D
    The symbols on Leszek´s hat and otherwhere are belonging to Leszek´s favourite football club /not mine/ FC Banik Ostrava
  18. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    model is finished /only from rear-side/
  19. milhistory

    milhistory Member

    After seeing this build, I had to buy one of my own. It came today from The Hobby Factory. I won't be able to start this one for awhile, though, because I have to finish Fly Model's P-38 and Halinski's Tiger I (cutting out tracks right now).

    Bernie's thread shows the danger of reading these boards. I have bought more than one model after watching someone's masterful build. Thank you to Bernie and everyone else who posts pictures of their projects. Maybe I will one day, too.

  20. lunarhighway

    lunarhighway Member


    this build looks truely realistic! all these little details make it look like the real thing.

    could you please explain a little more how you made the driver? i think one of the things often missing in paper models are people. although they can add so much realism and life to the model yet it's difficult to get something convinceing out of paper. quite amasing what you did :)

    looking forward to more pictures of your build!!!

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