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    What is it?

    This is always a problem with konradus. What's the point of publishing a model without instructions, a photo/drawing of the finished thing, or even the name of the prototype? (I searched, but couldn't find out the significance of Jefferey Poplawko.) The model is obviously an armoured car, probably WWI, but without the above information, it's useless.
    Does anyone else know what it is?
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    The model is's my reply from papermodelers....

    It's a model of the Poplavko-Jefferey armoured car built in Russia in 1916. The base of the armoured car was the American Jefferey Quad 4-wheel steering truck of 1913. The Russians bought some Jefferey Quad trucks and were so impressed with the off road performance some 30 were converted to armoured cars by Poplavko in 1916.

    A few of the Jefferey armoured cars were captured from the Red Army by the Poles in 1919.

    I didn't know anything about the Jefferey truck till I started digging but it seems to have been an important vehicle in WW1 - some 41,000 were built during its production run.

    More at:


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    Many thanks for that. I'll look for some drawings to help with the model.

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