Jeep Willys 1944 Paper Model - Camo Version

Discussion in 'Free Models' started by mauther, May 17, 2013.

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    Here is the Jeep Willys 1944 Paper Model in Camo version, ready to download! The whole model, occupies three sheets of paper.


    As I have already said, I tried to make it the most easy-to-build possible. All parts are very simple to assemble, without many folds or complications.


    Even the wheels, which are usually the most boring thing of the vehicles made ​​of paper, are very easy to build.


    If you open a passage in front of the seats, the Jeep fits perfect for Playmobil miniatures, as you can see in the Beta Build Model, in the photos below.


    Link: Jeep Willys 1944 Paper Model - Camo Version - by Papermau Download Now!

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    Simple and VERY effective! Another nice model! I like the white one too! :)

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