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    Jedi Interceptor Paper miniatures for gaming.


    I was fascinated by the excellent Star Wars paper vehicle miniatures of Momir Farooq, which can be seen here:

    I was disappointed to see that he had not yet done the Jedi Interceptor from Episode III - one of my favourite fighter designs from the Star Wars setting (and one of the few things I liked about the movie). So I decided I'd have a go myself.

    This is a PDF file that contains a page of interceptors in various paint schemes taken from the movies and toys. There is also a page of blanks for you to colour yourself. I'd suggest colour pencils applied lightly. There is also a page of stands. I recommend bending the bottoms of the stands out instead of folding them as it strengthens them and stops them from lolling to one side or the other.

    Finally, the front page has the construction instructions.


  2. Maverick65

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    Hey these are really cool. Thanks for sharing Mr. Scarecrow.
  3. lehcyfer

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    Too bad his site is down. Anybody knows where to download his models?
  4. Scarecrow

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    Well, the link to the Jedi interceptors is the actual picture. If you click on it, it'll take you to the PDF file.

    I just tried the other link to Momir Farooq's models and it works fine.


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