JASDF YS-11 50th Anniversary

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cdavenport, Sep 18, 2008.

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    Folks there is a post for a new model in the aviation section. If you follow the link to the Niho AFB site, you will find another model in 5oth Anniversary colors of the T-400, which bears a strong resemblance to a Learjet.

    Both appear to be well designed and beautifully textured models.
  2. tikitiki_m

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    C-1 also added to the site.
    This is the last model for the anniversary.
  3. cdavenport

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    Great! Thanks, tikitiki.
  4. An excellent find tikitiki. The C-1 looks an easy build but I will no doubt prove myself wrong shortly.

    I think the T-400 is a Mitsubishi MU-2 biz jet that Hawker Beechcraft are in the process of producing a variant of as the 400XP.

    Is "Eastern" a comercial paper modelling company with other products?
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    Link? I see no Link.
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    Sorry - the same to me... Is it posted in another place of this board?
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    The YS-11 is now available as well...

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