Japanese Tree Frog

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  1. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    I don't know if this is the right place but...
    Built this for my wife, she really wanted a frog.
    found it on the Canon site at http://www.canon.com/c-park/

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  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    That's a really neat model, I could see why anyone would want one! That would be neat to make from aluminum flashing and paint up, it could make a fun mailbox! :)
  3. freddyman

    freddyman newbie

    nice job with the paper. really gives it a moist texture like the real ones. good idea zathros. you know you can also use that as a secret wepon on april 1st(wink)
  4. Peter Walker

    Peter Walker New Member

    Great job! It is a beautiful model. I bet it made your wife happy.
  5. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    she was, till the crumb cruncher trashed it, so I made her another.

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