Japanese Shinkai Sansha Shinto Shrine Paper Model

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    I built the Shinkai Sansha Shinto Shrine paper model, offered by Prefecture Of Suita website.
    The complete model occupies only two sheets of paper, more one for instructions and measures
    (printed in A4 format) 10cms high, 10 cm wide and 8 cm long, without considering the base.
    I had done a post about this model at blog, with a little of the history of the temple and the
    link to see it is just below the end of this post. There you will also find the link to download and
    build your own shrine.


    Link: Shinkai.Sansha.Shinto.Shrine.Paper.Model.by.Prefecture.Of.Suita

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    This looks pretty good. Nice detail. Thanks for sharing the link.

    Sky Seeker
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    That reminds me of some of the shrine in the old "Zatoichi" series I used to watch. Nice to see how they look in color! :)

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