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    In this thread, I will post some build reviews of the 24 cars which can be downloaded here.


    They are a nice mix of rally cars and sports racing prototypes, mostly the former, but you get a few standouts from Le Mans racing history as well, such as the Porsche 917. First of all, the are quite stylized, almost caricatures of the real thing. But for all that, they do capture what was unique about the 1:1 model and they have a certain toylike charm of their own.

    Secondly, these are very simple builds and are quite suitable for the novice card modeler. The fit is also quite good, something you guys know that one can never take for granted. :wink: So, without further ado, here goes with the first model, the Subaru WRX World Rally Championship car.
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    And another view.
  3. Corporal_Trim

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    Build Details

    First of all, these are .PDO files, so the Japanese Pepakura software must be dowloaded here.


    The principals of construction seem to be the same in all cases, build an internal box frame, and assemble the bodywork as skins around it. For some of the cars, you can attach the skins to the frame as you go, but not the WRX. The bodywork must be fully completed. I started with the rear deck / roof section, attached the other three sides of the cabin to it and things went fairly easily together from there.

    Overall, about the only fit problem was that the spoiler mounted off-level due to the slope of the rear deck. Gluing on a thin doubled portion of cardstock at the edge of the trunk line and then mounting the spoiler on that fixed the problem.

    The kit has two main weaknesses which detract from the appearance. First, the overly flat roof line. Not much can be done there. The second major flaw is the horrible polygonal tires. These can be fixed. If you view the photo, you will see the stock tire on the left, and my modification of it on the right. This consisted of gluing a 9mm x 70mm piece of cardstock and wrapped this around as the tread, providing a more rounded appearance. You can see that I also painted out the unsightly spiderweb pattern on the tire. I also painted a lighter highlight in the middle of the tire to simulate inflation (as opposed to a flat surface) and though you can't see it well in the photo, this little trick looks good.
  4. Corporal_Trim

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    And a parting shot of the Scooby. The model does capture the chunky pit bull looks of the WRX nicely.

    I finished it with four layers of Miniwax wood hardener and Prismacolor Gloss Fixative. I'm not entirely satisfied with the latter and will probably cut over to the Krylon on the next build.

    One other thing to note on these models, they have very pronounced, heavy black fold marks. While this certainly facilitates the ease of building, you have to make the call whether to leave it that way, or try to paint over it, matching colors as best you can. I chose the latter, and covered the matte acrylic touch-up paint with Microscale Microgloss.

    Next up for me is the Lancia Beta Monte Carlo. If anyone is interested, I can post some assembly steps for that build.
  5. rickstef

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    That's how it is supposed to look..... hehe

    great job on the Impressa.

    i have started that car a few times, each time i tossed the kit, got frustrated with that, i did manage to print out the Valentino Rossi version of the Peugeot 206 WRC, i just followed the directions from the site on how to change the bitmaps, and just set it to print, and it voila, a custom paper model in a sense.

    maybe i will do that one after i finish my current pile

  6. Corporal_Trim

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    Thanks, Rick. :) So what's up next for you ? More Dakar stuff ?
  7. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    I will try to finish the Peugeot 405, or i might do that paper fan site 206 WRC Rossi version

    but one of the big Dakar trucks is calling for me

    gotta listen to them more :p

  8. Corporal_Trim

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    Just finished the Lancia Beta Monte Carlo.
  9. Corporal_Trim

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    Fit was good except for two problem areas. 1) Base of the front brake ducts aligned poorly with the side body parts. Had to do some trimming to make the two body parts fit together. 2) See attached, darn tire treads came up 3mm too short (in front, the rears were a little better). You can see from the white gap how much filler I had to paste in to make it fit.
  10. Peter H

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    Marvelous work Steve, your right about the chunky appearance makes them look "frisky"

    Peter H
  11. Corporal_Trim

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    Thanks, Peter. :D These kits have been fun, and I'm sure I'll come back to them now and then. Certainly I'll have to build the Porsche 917, one of my all-time favorite race cars. But I'm ready for something more realistic now. Here's my current project, the Nissan R390 GT1, '97 LeMans car.

  12. jyduchene

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    Re: the Race car site


    I am about ready to take on one of the cars at


    inspired of course by the fine builds posted. I have installed Pepakura and am ready. I wil build the Ford GT 40 as it has always been one of my fav's.

    I see on the site a selection for the GT 40 with alternate textures. There are skins for a black, white or red version in bmp. How do in introduce the chosen files to Pepakura so that I can implement the chosen color.

    Here is the link to the texture http://prara.infoseek.livedoor.net/out/craft/tex_gt40.htm

    Thanks, John
  13. Corporal_Trim

    Corporal_Trim Member

    Thanks, John. Regarding changing the Pepakura textures to get the different skins, I haven't looked into how to do it. But look at Rickstef's previous post on this thread about getting the Valentino Rossi WRC Peugeot 206. It doesn't sound that hard.
  14. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    I will post something when my workload isn't that heavy

    should be in a couple of days.

  15. jyduchene

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    Well, With the clue offered, I set about trying to decypher the clues to reskinning and I was successful. I am now about to build the red Ford GT 40

    Thanks, John
  16. Corporal_Trim

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    Bravo, John. Be sure to post pictures when you get done. :)
  17. jyduchene

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    I wonder if you could be talked into putting your tires into the Parts Bin.
    I have finished the Ford GT and your right about the poor tire selection in this series.

    I looked for another model to "steal" the tire from, and none of them are very good.

    Just a thought if you are so inclined.

    Thanks, John
  18. Corporal_Trim

    Corporal_Trim Member

    Good suggestion, but I really can't do that, John. I didn't change the PDO file. If you look at how I do the tires (comparison picture on Page 1), they are the same tires from the original parts sheet. All I do is wrap a "tread" strip around the circumference to cover up that tank tread look and then paint them.

    As for stealing from another car, I'll have to unzip all the files and have a look when I get time. I'm on the 4th model (Jaguar XJR-9) and the only car to have decent wheels/tires so far is the Lancia Beta Monte Carlo (the wheel is even dished).

    ARMORMAN Guest

    PDO help

    anyone want to convert some PDO files to .jpg or .gif for me? I'm on a Mac and there is no reader file convertor for it. :(
  20. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    which ones are you looking at?

    I have all them saved on my machine

    let me know

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