Japanese Lighthouse

Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by lepton, Nov 9, 2008.

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    I'm normally building spacecraft, but haven't had much spare time recently, and so have been reluctant to start a large project. But this weekend I had a small amount of free time for a change, so I decided to build this light house model.

    This is just one of the series of 209 (!) available from http://www.tokokai.org. The papercraft can be downloaded from the page: http://www.tokokai.org/archive/craft/index.html. I think that it would be an interesting project to make them all, perhaps displaying them on a large map of Japan.

    The build only took two evenings. There are no instructions per se, simply a cross section drawing showing the relative placement of parts. But it is not hard to follow if you think a little about the parts.

    I made a number of minor changes as I built it to slightly increase the amount of detail, adding the frames around the doors, the spire, and the fence railing. This is the first time I have used the thread soaked in CA glue as fence railing, and I am pleased with the way it worked out. The spire is a toothpick with thin paper strips soaked in CA glue wound around.


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    That looks really good. I don't remember ever seeing any of these build up.
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    looks great
  4. butzi

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    nice model just download one for my diorama,,,thanks lepton

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