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    NULLMOON Member

    ive just bitten the bullet and boght one of these my god there pricey i hope there worth it ordered the punch which comes with 1.2mm, 1.5mm,1.8mm, 2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm, 3.5mm,4.0mm who else on here has one
  2. Fishcarver

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    These work well!

    You will like them!

  3. rlwhitt

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    Yes, it's expensive, and yes it's worth it. One of the best tools I ever bought!
  4. cgutzmer

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    Ditto! Got one and love it!

    NULLMOON Member

    thats what i wanted to hear ..it reassures my bank balance:mrgreen: will 1.2mm be small enogh to make 1/25 rivets?
  6. Art Decko

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    In case anyone is looking for more info on these ... I think there are two kinds of screw punches out there. The nicer but more expensive ones are made in Japan, and from what I've seen, go for about $28 without bits, or about $65 with nine bits.

    There is also a lower quality version produced in China, it goes for about $28 including five bits.

    Since the tool is designed primarily for use in binding books, or for working with leather and fabric, cutting a single sheet of card is not much of a challenge. From reports at this forum, the cheap imitations work fine for this (disclaimer: I don't have one - I'm waiting for delivery :)).

    Be careful when you order them, the bits are available in either metric or imperial dimensions, I think most places sell either one or the other, so check that if that matters.

    NULLMOON Member

    i went for the more expensive japanese version i might be worth finding out if the bits fit the cheaper variants and vice versa
  8. BARX2

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    I bought the expensive Japanese version and the bits work great, but the handle mechanism is a little sticky. I put some white lithium grease on the moving parts but that didn't seem to help much. It does cut beautiful holes, though.
  9. NYC Irish

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    Anyone got a pciture of what we are talking about?

    I was looking at something in a Micro Mark Catalogue but if the senior members are giving something else a thumbs up Id like to go with that...

    John John
  10. BARX2

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    I didn't buy mine from this company, but it's the same drill and the same price.

    Japanese Book Drill

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    NULLMOON Member

    i got mine from a bookmaking company the same place i get my 1mm,2mm etc card from

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