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    Hi Guys,

    I put this in the gallery announcements cause this was the only heading that this actually fit.
    The was a discussion thru email about straight or curved blades and it struck me as odd in as much as I just completed a side project of mine.
    A japanese fighter made from 1" x 4" and a 2" x 2" boards. As I stated in the email I do plastic, wood, (and now) card models, heck, i have been fooling around, cutting open aluminum cans for "sheeting" that I plan on using in another model. That model will be a combination of aluminum brazing rods and aluminum sheets from cans.
    Anyway, as I stated in the email, I know most modelers are comfortable with sharp pointed straight blades, but curved blades do have their place also, I would suggest try using both type to become comfortable and see just when you should use which....it can only expand your knowledge.
    So, below I am posting 2 photos of the japamese fighter I just completed. Those colors arent just any colors either, they are central maloney Inc. "transformer green" and "transformer gray". The entire plane is hand carved "whittled". although I did do it in pieces and assembled them.

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    You just reminded me of the old "Comet Solids"...remember those. One block of wood for the fuselage, and two or three plys for the wings, tail elevator etc........and a three plan view with formers...Cut and sand !!!! :shock:
    They were beautiful :lol: and I still have many three views of a lot of them.

    I have done some paper models using formers of hard card, longerons and paper cover. I did paint them with watercolors..... :roll:

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    Howdy Gera,

    And yes I do remember the old comet balsa and paper kits, matter of fact at one time when I was younger I got on a "spree" of building them, I think thats why I am enjoying card models so much. There are alot of the same "Processes" involved. The forming of the "skeleton or frame" is abit different, except in the wings, where they are very similar, but all in all, you get the pleasure of watching something "come to life" from 2 dimensions into 3 dimensions. And, some card models also can be flown much like the old comet models.
    Anyway, you are welcome for the reminder, and let me thank you for the trip down memory lane. Happy Modeling,,


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