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  2. cgutzmer

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    Is it bright enough to cut by? I found that I get headaches pretty quick if I dont have a good bright light.. and its always cool to promote tools you like :)
  3. Triop

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    Yes, the diode shines as bright as a TL would, but only on the spot.
    It will not give much lite in the darkness and does not heat up.
    The flexibility makes it ideal for lightning up does cutting lines !
  4. Nothing

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    sounds great! i have a halagen i use now, plenty of light but makes me sweat!!
  5. Triop

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    exactly my point.
    Halogen-light also hurt my eyes, this diode won't.
  6. think-floyd

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    You know, the last time I was in my local DIY superstore, I noticed that you can buy LED based bulbs for most light fittings these days. Might be able to get a bulb to fit many types of lamp, if people don't want to buy a whole new one. Hey, why not replace all of the bulbs in your house with them and save the planet while you're at it! :D

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