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    This is an HOn30 microlayout. Total dimensions are 14"X35". I used regular n scale track and the minimum radius is 6". This is meant to be a small tourist tram on a tropical island. A small gas-electric trolley will service a dock (upper left), a beach area with a few small restaurants (lower left), a scenic tropical jungle with waterfall (lower right) and a hotel/resort area (middle). My original plan was to have some high rise art deco style hotels butt up against the vertical wall section in the middle, but now I’m rethinking it. For the gauge party, I plan to figure out what to do with this area and will add landscape/buildings to either the beach area or the jungle area.

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  2. Jac's Lines

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    I started working last weekend on the gas-electric. This is based on the photos here:


    My version is significantly compressed (from 35’ to approx 25’). It’s a basic structure: essentially a box made from scribed basswood, with windows and doors from Grandt Line (the DRGW narrow gauge stuff) and a pilot out of the scrap box. I made the roof out of balsa, carved, sanded, and covered with kleenex to simulate a canvas or tarpaper roof. I will tweak the colors a bit, add signs, headlamps, grab irons, etc. This is still really rough – roof to be permanently attached, lpb passengers to be painted and added, gaps to be filled and etc.

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    Now the bad news. While working on cutting some styrene for the boxcab last night, I sliced 1/4" off the end of my left index finger with the handy dandy xacto knife. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: So after 6 hours in the ER, I’m all bandaged up and done with modeling until the stitches come out in 7-10 days. :curse: I refrained from taking pictures of that aspect of the project for fear of peasoup

    The good news is that I was struggling for a name for this project. Now El Cayo Sangriento seems self evident.
  4. Drew1125

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    Looks Great Jack! :thumb:

    Man, I'm sure sorry to hear about the finger...:eek: :cry:

    I can empathyze with you though...I did exactly the same thing a couple of years ago...took about 6 stiches, & 9 days off for me...! OUCH!!
  5. Ray Marinaccio

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    Jack, Great start.
    Hope your finger heals quickly.
    Sit back and enjoy the party until you heal.
  6. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Sorry to hear about the finger. I think we've all been there at one time or another. If I get through a project without at least one bandaged finger, they all feel neglected.:eek::cry::eek::cry::D
  7. Gary S.

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    Hope you heal soon! And I will remind myself to be careful and everyone else too!
  8. TomPM

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    The modeling looks great!

    Sorry to hear about the finger. Hopefully you'll be back modeling before long.
  9. CharlesH.

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    Sorry to hear about the finger. It hurt just reading it!

    Now, regarding the micro-layout, here's a suggestion: Why not make give it a sort of cuban flavour to it? When I saw the little tram, I immediately thought of something like this:


    Or was that part of the idea?
  10. N Gauger

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    Mid-Party (Bump) :D :D :D

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