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    Ok, seeing as how time's up tomorrow, I'm going to go ahead and declare this entry as done. There's still a lot that I'd like to do -- need to build a freight platform, finish the interior, weather, etc. For now, though, the main structure is complete and I'll keep plugging away at the other stuff. Basically, this adds the fully shingled roof (notwithstanding a few LPB overtime difficulties over the Labor Day holiday), the hand carved beam supports, and some touch up paint.

    I also figured out how I think I'm going to do the gingerbread under the eaves. In the MR article, there's a drawing of the scroll work, which I've xeroxed onto a sheet of cardstock that was previously painted in the same green color as the base of the structure. Fortunately it didn't jam in the printer, and looks pretty good from 6-8 inches away. I think I'll probably just keep posting to this thread as I work on this, and I'm contemplating doing a small HO diorama or switching layout based on the area where this station was originally located.

    For now, though, some pictures:

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    Yes, very nice :thumb: :thumb:
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    That looks awesome...if only my things went that well,lol.


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