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    Thanks guys!!! Boy did I get a lot of bookmarks and favorites out of this thread I'm stunned. Great work and research.
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    A log crib can also be used with effect on a model railroad. Here's one on my 0n30.
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    Hi there, might be old hat about the Leigh Creek Lumber Company but I have a copy of the Continental Modeller Magazine dated July 1994 that I picked up from a second hand book shop that features the above layout. Its pretty impressive, most of the pictures refer to Kicking Horse Point, sounded like the rest of the layout was till under construction.

    There is a comprehensive birds eye view plan of the layout which shows a lot of detail but no other details such as trach elevations and the like. Total of 13 coloured photographs. Perhaps the publishers may have something in their archives that they sell?


    If you you can get hold of a copy of the Continental Modeller Magazine is July 1994 Volume 16 - Number 7 Pages 242 to 249.
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    lumber transfer facility: Reference photo

    A photo of a "dog hole" operation, ( lumber highlined to an awaiting schooner) can be found on Page 77 of the Nov. 2000 Model Railroader. Allen Gross built the HOn3 diarama for the NMRA's 2000 national contest, and took best online display.
    The schooner was scratchbuilt from Allen Armitage plans published in Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette. Very nice looking schooner, but probably not one that would have been in the lumber trade. The pointed bow, and counter stern, are features not found in a lumber schooner, but rather in a fast vessel, such as a Grand Banks fisherman.
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    Now, that Lombard log hauler is one fascinating piece of equipment! Being born into a logging family, I know first hand of loggers' ingenuity, yet never heard of anything like that. But, one look and we can see just how reasonable, even obvious, it is.

    That's just neat. Thanks.
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    That's gotta be the most funniest thing I've ever seen!
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    They made a brass model of one .Limmited run cost right at 1 grand you can still find one on Ebay at times .
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