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Discussion in 'Logging, Mining and Industrial Railroads' started by jon-monon, Jan 16, 2003.

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    That my freind is the Lombard Log hauler! One of my favorite pieces of equipment. I belive it is brought out once a year.
    Now that would make a great model!

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    On3 Narrow Guage Logging Feast

    Some of you may know of Geoff Knott he lives in Sydney Australia and is owns the Leigh Creek logging company.This HO layout is a fairly well know , mountainous logging layout that is the subject of both a video and was the cover story in Great Model Railways 1993 edition.

    What may be lesser known is that he and 3 other people got togeather and made a On3 modular exhibition layout called Red Stag , the link to the website is below , go there , your eyes will love you forever :p

  4. shamus

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    Thanks for the links Jon

    Love that log hauler Gardenrrguy, I am going to make me one of those.

    Thanks for the link Camelot, but doesn't seem to work:(


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    Works now Shamus...

    Cam, that is nice! Do you suppose if you trace the family trees back a few hundred years, Paul and Geoff are distant cousins? They seem to share a modeling gene :D :D :D
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    They are both leading modelers in this genre and an inspiration to those of us with limited imaginations.

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    Leigh Creek pictures?

    Does anybody know of any online pictures of the Leigh Creek logging layout? I've seen the Red Stag site...it's real purdy! :D

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    I have never seen a web site for Leigh Creek , below is the web site for Great Model Railways which produce the video for Leigh Creek.There are a few pictures there which maybe of some interest.


  11. jon-monon

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    If you don't have snow for the Lombard:


    Maybe The Beast would make a nice project. Better built up a chruch or two before releasing that on the layout though!

    OK, I added an "A"
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    Got to love the name of that hauler "The Beast"

    Look at the size of the wheels on that thing!
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    Now thats my cup of tea !!!!!!!!!
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    Yes it is SWEEEEEET!
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    I received an e-mail from Boone and he writes the "Route to the Redwoods" column in the NGSL gaz.
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