J86 Civil Airliner Version

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    :razz: I am with extreme trepitation approaching the possibility of creating a card version of the Ju86 civilian airliner. I just like the lines of airplanes...and the civilian version show more clearly the airframe lines!:p There is very little online material illustrating this plane...I have one shot of the civilian version that I will post...If anybody has any plans/pictures of this plane I would appreciate it...I have an initial plan to begin with...but can use ALL:-D the help that is out there. This isthe picture that I have so far::razz:

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    Junkers Ju 86 Civilian Airliner

    Hi Bob,

    Yes, there are 1:72 scale drawings of the Swedish air force military transport version - the Tp (for Transport) 9 / Ju 86 version Z7, in a book (nr 5) with airplane drawings by the well-known Swedish artist and illustrator Björn Karlström.

    I will scan these drawings for you (three pages) plus a page with three b&w pictures and a short text in English.
    Is it OK if I mail them directly to you, to be able to keep the best possible resolution? I would also avoid the copyright problems involved with publishing these drawings on the web.

    Meanwhile, have a look at this page (in Swedish) - the Junkers Ju 86 Z7 in the picture a bit down on the right hand side is called "Svalan" (The Swallow) with registration SE-BAE. This plane was in service with AB Aerotransport from 1940 up to 1958, when it was taken out of service having flown for eighteen years:
    (edited in): This plane actually began it´s service already in 1938, just before the full outbreak of WW II, with the Swedish Post, delivering air mail (at night) between Stockholm and Hannover, via Malmoe in southern Sweden. After the war had begun in ernest, it was sold to the Swedish Air Force for the Swedish war effort. Thus, the plane had seen almost twenty years of service.

    Bengt :grin:
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    Ju86 Civilian Airliner

    :grin: Bengt,
    That would be just super fantastic!:yep: ....I'll be able to acess this tonight...cannot get my home e-mail here on this computer:cry:
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    Junkers Ju 86 Z7 Swedish Military Transport Plane

    Great, Bob,

    That will give me some time to scan it properly and send it to you in three or four e-mails.

    Bengt :grin:
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    I have a plastic model of that plane, and I'm sure I have the plans somewhere in my archives... it's the Lufthansa version! If you still need more pictures I can probably scan the plans or take pictures of the model. You'll just have to PM me your mail adress since I'm not usually checking the aircraft section of the forums... :)
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