J2M3 RAIDEN, "Jack" 1:33, GPM

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by fluthecrank, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    the landing gear........

    Hi friends,

    have a look at the landing gear........

    the most important now is to have the patience for carefully drying....:grin:

    best regards and a happy week........FLU
  2. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    I can't wait to see it incorporated into the diorama..., which I am hoping that you continue this thread with. You are doing a wonderful job on the "Raiden". This is a particularly difficult subject for card due to the amount of compound curves.

    Gross Gluck, -Gil
  3. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    I know this may sound funny but in some ways I am glad that this build has come out not at as well as your other builds. The reason is that aside from your excellent building skills it shows that some of your greatest builds are also a reflection of the brilliant job the designer has done. This helps me to feel that with the right kit I will also be able to achieve masterpieces such as your F117. Please don't think I am trying to say that you are not a good builder, I believe you are one of the best, but it is clear that when building a halinski for example the results are amazing. Coming back to the Raiden I think you have done a good job and I think the negatives SteveO has picked up on are due mainly to the design of the kit.
  4. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    I can only expect his diarama to pick up the total project. Flu's other builds are superior to this one. I don't expect someone to continously better their last model only to take a step backwards.
  5. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    a nice checkered discussion.......

    Hi friends,

    here are mycomments to the present discussion.........

    @GT5500, I don´t think, that it is only depending on the kit´s design. The problems around the motor section depend on the thin paper which provide (or should provide) the glue strip. The paper is too thin, so notice, if everybody wants to build the modell too, use card for the gluestrip and glue the cockpit inlay to the skin before assembling. For example, look for the steam engine OL49 ( my last project). There were none completed building reports in all forums I know. They all struggled at least after the chassis section. My build is absolutley OK and the overall impression is much better than the pics show and there were a lot of problems like missing parts and not fitting parts.......... In my opinion it depends on the daily fitness and other circumstances I still don´t know. There is allways the phenomenon that the section where I see difficulties are no problem and others where I think it´s only routine produce problems after problems..........

    @stevO, I disagree that the RAIDEN is a step backwards. It´s my first build with "open doors". I´m satisfied by the models impression. Yes, I agree there are some points which would have been done better, of course, but, as I mentioned before, that´s the same at all my models............the potential for improvement is the source for further models.................and, don´t forget, it´s a hobby not a profession ! I don´t have to earn money with that, it´s "only" for my recreation after a hard days work. By the way, what should the other friends think about that judgment ? Perhaps others won´t show their pics because they are frightened of negative feedback?

    For me feedback is required, positive as well as negative, I see it as a chance for the future and of course, some models were trash and I started a second attempt but for me the RAIDEN is far away from that!

    O.K. friends anyway, have a nice day.......FLU
  6. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    Thank´s Golden Bear..................

    that helps me in hard days........:wink:

    I will go on !

  7. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    Flu don't get me wrong I am not in any way saying that your building abilities are below par as I have said in numerous posts you are one of the best builders I have seen. I was simply saying that for us not so good builders we can feel a bit better that a very good model may give us a good result. The raiden is comming along nicely, no hard feelings were intended.
  8. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Flu. Sorry I am critical of your work but fans tend to be that way. After all Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors despite the fact that he acted in 2 of the 5 worst movies of all times. :)
  9. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    Hi GT5500, don´t worry......

    I never thought so.... It´s OK, if have no problems with a faithfull discussion, realy, don´t woory, everything is fine, and I´m not such a good card modeller ..........it´s a realy nice hobby for me, imagine, you can build what you want, planes, vehicles, ships, buildings..........and all you need is a colored sheet of paper and some tools..............wow !

    best regards FLU
  10. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    Hi StevO, the same for you.......

    be glad........it´s all ok. I saw some forums struggling because of misunderstandings. In forums there is only the written word, you never can see the non verbal part of communication.
    Let us be friends and card model freaks :wink:

    best FLU
  11. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    No problems. I just won't be commenting on anyone's build or putting pics up since it's a fauxpas to not fall over ever build pic in praise.

    Remember. If you can't say anything nice. Don't post at all.
  12. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Stevo - Please do continue. He said quite clearly he is ok with it. I like to know where mine could be improved - go rip it apart ;) should be easy....
  13. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    diorama background............

    Hi folks,

    today I show you the first pics of my handmade background painting (I used watercolors and aquarell cardboard). I want to get a first impression how it will look like in the diorama. I think it´s not bad, look for yourself...........feedback is desired !!!


    and closer looks............

    best regards FLU
  14. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Wow, that's fantastic FLU!
    I feel like looking for my shorts and sandals now!
    And my sunblock too!
    It's perfect!

  15. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Thats a pretty nice background! Very simple but still lends a bit of depth of field. You know I just now realized your plane doesnt have a propeller :)
  16. barry

    barry Active Member


    Your artistic talent is showing in other directions Flu. It would be nice if you can curve the corner in the final model or are you going to build the palm trees as well. Looks great !!
  17. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    the plane isn´t finished.......

    but you are right cgutzmer, the prop will not be attached to the plane.......

    Thank´s Amazyah, that´s just the beginning of the diorama background........

    best FLU
  18. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    yes, I will try to build some palmtrees.......

    Hi barry,

    I don´t know exactly how, but I will try to do it.....:)

    best Regards FLU
  19. Gregory Shoda

    Gregory Shoda Member


    Funny someone should mention palm trees. Lloyd, a plastic armor guy with my local IPMS club, did some remarkably realistic paper palm trees. Take a look at http://ipmshawaii.tripod.com/gallery/gallery.htm. The trees are in the September tank diorama photo group. He later provided instructions on how he did the palm trees. I can mail them to you if you are interested.

    G. Shoda
  20. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    Hi gregory,.............

    yes I´m very interested.......you can send me the mail , you can find the adress in the "members list"......

    Thank´s so far FLU

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