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    OK..I'm hoping someone out there might have heard of or worked with(as a young n', it would have to be) Bill Kesling, Engineer on the N&W and earlier, the Virginian out of Roanoke, Bluefield , Mullens or anywhere else along the line.
    If so,I'd ;love to hear about it... he was my grandfather...
    Oh, I did "drive a train" once..on his knee at about age 5..on a new diesel engine(a switcher I think) in the Mullens Yard c. 1955. Could that qualify me as an honorary Railroader? Anyway, I would like to find out anything I can about the N&W/ Virginian, the real thing, from a railroaders view point..
    the 'Virginian'

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    To Dave Hagen, or moderator: please leave this post up...some new member may show up who knew my Grandaddy.
    Lenny ,aka Virginian

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