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  1. I inherited an small collection of old trains and accessories. It is mostly lionel, but it includes an old Ives #3218 engine and one passenger car to go with it. They are in good shape, but the motor of the engine is missing a lot of needed pieces. I was wondering if anyone had additional information on this piece or of a place to get a fairly inexpensive replacement motor that would fit right? Thanks
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    I don't know much about old tinplate, but unless a motor out of a modern Lionel would fit the Ives, you are probably out of luck. I think Ives went under either during the depression or during WW2. I've never heard of anything from them in a post war era.
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    i wouldn't dream of recommending a post-war lionel engine, if you must find a replacement engine, you should find a pre-war marx engine, they were also tinplate and authentic to the tinplate style.

    ebay is your friend, i did a quick search and found this Ives motor for sale on ebay, its at 10 bucks now :thumb: the seller has a good rep and appears pretty good, so you have nothing to worry about


    check out the pictures of that motor, it has to be the best match you'll find
  4. Thanks, looks good!
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    keep us updated on weather you buy this or not, or on what motor you put in it
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    History: Lionel, American Flyer and Dorfan jointly bought Ives in 1928 for $73,000.
    In 1929 Lionel bought out AF's inerest. Lionel then had the sole rights to the sequence reversing unit. Ives became the LionelIves lines.
    The Ives heritage was Lionel's O27 line, but there was probably no other real Ives-derived products after WW2. The Ives name was kept on one product (forget what) for legal reasons.
  7. I think I will try to buy the motor you recommended. It isnt exactly the same as the current one in the engine, but I am sure I will get it working. Just wish me luck with the winning it part. Sometimes it is hard to win one of those auctions.
  8. I was at a book store today and looked through a price guide for ives trains. It says my Ives train could possibly be worth $1000$:thumb: . Im not sure if that is so. So i have 2 more questions. 1 Does anyone know where I could check more into this? 2 My train was painted over long before I got it, is it possible for someone to remove just one layer of paint? thanks
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    Have anpther look at the book and see what it says about quality. The higher prices are usually for mint, boxed or like new. Each step away from that condition makes a severe dent in the value. Re-painted and broken motor can be pretty damaging, unless the unit is rare to begin with.
    However, you now have a unit that you can modify without worrying about further financial loss.
  10. I was going to buy that motor you pointed out to me on ebay and when i went to bid on the last day the price was way too high for me. thanks though. I will keep looking.

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