I've gotta get me one o' these...

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by Jaybats, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Jaybats

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  2. ekuth

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    My wife would kill me.
  3. murphyaa

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    That reminds me of a story I saw on the news about a guy who did his whole apartment over in a star trek theme. He had the LCARS displays on the kitchen cabinets and the hallways. If I remember correctly, he was in the news because he was trying to sell it and nobody was buying.
  4. paulhbell

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    Well I like trek, but I don't think I would be allowed.

    murphyaa, I am not surprised he was having trouble selling.
  5. paperbeam

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    Star Trek Themed Home

    Apparently he went bankrupt but actually came out okay with a busy interior design company and many requests for Star Trek themed upgrades...8)

    Story here:


    Quite an interesting website!:twisted:

  6. bugman72

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    He's actually a member of a home theater forum that I frequent. Quite a trip that he actually built everything himself. Don't think that the story that is on Gizmodo is entirely accurate :| Great testament to being able to have a quality theater without having to hire someone to do it.
  7. MOS95B

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    I wonder if The Missus would let me remodel the family room in the basement??

    Yeah, right. She's probably giving me one of those looks right now because she knows I'm even thinking it might happen....
  8. Hot4Darmat

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    Check out this guy's basement reno. I linked his home page because his models and model restorations are just incredible (not paper though).


    If you go down to the section "Other sci fi projects", and explore the section called "How not to decorate" you'll likely be as blown away as I was. Now THAT is what I call a Space:1999 fan.

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