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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by cn nutbar, May 22, 2006.

  1. cn nutbar

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    hello---i've submitted many posts in the past,but recently i've encountered a problem.i use photobucket to download my photos---my recent photos have been oversized ???
    i have gone into my "account options" attempting to make the pictures smaller,but no luck.i've included a picture to give an idea of my problem---can you help this computer challenged train--nut

  2. shaygetz

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    Problem?...that one's suitable for framing:thumb:
  3. ezdays

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    You're going to have to resize them before you upload them to Photobuckets. I thought they resized them if they were too big, but maybe they've opened up their size restrictions. Your pic is 1114 x 856 pixels and 180K in filesize. You can't go too much over 800 in width before it starts getting too large for even a high density screen. My screen is 1086 wide so you are too large for it, image what someone with a screen size of 640 sees.:rolleyes:
  4. sign1 i think of it this way now you can see them detail flaws (now wheres them oil cans)sign1 :thumb: nice pic tho
  5. yellowlynn

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    See if this works.


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  6. cn nutbar

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    thanks everyone

    you know,that's what makes this web site so great---a lot of great people---i recently posted a new thread in the photo session---everything appears to be back on track---thanks again
  7. I put my photos in a yahoo photo album...Huge photos.Then if I need to post one I just go to the Yahoo photo album and download them to a file on my desktop.yahoo automatically
    resizes them when you upload them.Then all you have to do is upload them directly to the forum.Besides not having to resize...you have acess to all of your photos anywhere, anytime on any computer and you will always have your precious pics backed up online in case your computer fails!:thumb:

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