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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by msh, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. msh

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    I've a dilemma to solve. Seems my wife has pretty much decided to move her office out of the upstairs to the guest bedroom. The apparent end to sleep-over visitors not withstanding, this affords me an opportunity to expand the layout further than expected. So I spent a couple hours making a newer and larger design for that amount of space. I know, you're asking, "what's the dilemma?"

    the original rebuild - 5' x 9'
    no benchwork, only expansion / $50 materials & $250.00 for track.


    the newer and larger rebuild - 12' x 10.2' (give or take)
    $325.00 for track + unknown materials (maybe $200) / requires all new benchwork that isn't square and may be beyond my woodworking skills


    THE DILEMMA IS - I really want the big one, but don't think I can (or should) take it on. I'm only one guy working all alone on this. The money isn't really available for that much now and I want to run some trains asap. But if I go with the smaller, which I can do much sooner and for less, will I regret not getting the big dog not far down the line?

  2. Mike R

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    msh Bonkyrail...I'll bet there's a few out there that wished they had your dilemma...MORE SPACE....wow !
    It's hard to off-the-cuff advise, because of not knowing your preferences of your operating crew....like do you guys really like industrial switching, or do you prefer train running ?
    Also, I can't tell from the drawing or website photos whether you have to be tight to your walls with the larger layout...there are no access hatches, so can we assume you are able to get at the farthest tracks some other way?
    If industrial switching appeals, I might be tempted to leave the oval type layout you have, and come off one of the outer tracks to a shelf-type industrial district, maybe 2 feet by 6 feet???...this could always be incorporated into a future layout some day.:D
    In any event, good luck / Mike
  3. DanRaitz

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    Go with what you want! A walk in layout is always a lot better then an island type. Personnaly with a 12' X 10' room I would built a shelf type layout around the room, granted this type of layout requires a lift out, drop leaf or duck under to get into the room. But once your in the room there are no access problems. Another plus of a shelf layout is that you can use larger radius curves (26" to 30" ideally). Build what you want now, not later when you become disatified with the smaller one.

  4. TR-Flyer

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    Hi Bonk:
    Why don't you build the first layout and then expand it as you had originally planned, or take one end of this new proposed layout and just build it? You can close the loop on either one to get continuous running. Then as time, money and experience are gained you can expand it to fill all available space. Layouts always cost more than you think they will, even if you are clever with your scratch building there’s still certain things you have to buy, paint, glue, etc.

    That way your "hobby" doesn't end up costing more dollars than you've got and so it won't become a source of friction with your family. It’ SO much more fun when your spouse supports and enjoys your hobby. (Or at least doesn’t complain about it! But that’s not the ideal outcome!)

    Like both the layouts. Haven’t written you back on the revised mountain area on your first layout because I can’t get the AutoCad files into a format small enough to post here. My son has a website so he and I are negotiating on allowing me a spot there for trains. I’ll drop you a note if that works out.

  5. MCL_RDG

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    Do it!

    Do it!

    You'll scrimp and save and cut corners until the cash does become available to fill out all that real estate. Trust me, if you let it go- weeds or other "things" will sure find a way to fill that space.

    I just made the same decision recently. Claim the stake and naturally it will fill itself, but if there's no claim to stake, having let it go, you're out of luck fella. Do it!


    Pardon my edit.

    Look onto the new revenue, lay down and flail about yelling, "It's mine, all mine"!

    P.S. Wipe the drool from your cheek when you come to and are uttering the phrase, "I luv it" (provided your tounge isn't stuck to the carpet like mine was)!
  6. msh

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    to answer some questions, here's a revised big layout, including room dimensions. To make it fit I flipped and rotated the layout. Walls touching only on top and right with all other area accessible.
    Now vot chew tink, heh?

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  7. Mike R

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    Looks nice, Bonk;
    Looks like you prefer the larger dogboned oval, which is a time-tested successful layout design. If it were me, I'd be tempted to move those two wall-side crossovers out to the front, where that u-shape occurs.That's mainly because of my own relative age and relative girth, I would have a bit of difficulty reaching over to maintain them.

    Think I'd still go with an industrial shelf-type extension to the existing 5 x 9 though....but that's strictly a personal choice.
    good luck & regards / Mike:D :D
  8. msh

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    I've decided to stick with my original 5 x 9 expansion from the 4 x 8, making use of the existing benchwork and modifying the top of same, rebuilding using the new design and leaving the spur on the north side available to connect to a switch yard and several industrial spurs as the "later on" expansion. Drawings to come

    Thanks for all your help.
  9. msh

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    Here's a picture for those interested.

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  10. Sir_Prize

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    That idea looks wonderful.
    Gives a feel of a real town in a valley.
    Also, gives a chance for the Budgeting Dept. to allot
    funds ahead of time.:rolleyes: :D

    Even gives R&D a chance to review plans.;)

    Best to Ya!

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