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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Don Gilham, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. ozzy

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    ok, i just got my first williams car, a boxcar. its a to scale 1:48th. its got the same size wheels and trucks as post war lionel, so i dont see where people are saying lionel wheel/trucks are not to scale. what am i missing?
  2. Renovo PPR

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    There is a difference and it all revolves around the standards set by the NMRA
    (National Model Railroad Association). The NMRA has standards for the following; wheels, track work, turnouts, car weighting, couplers, wheel sets and so forth.

    Your Williams would have deep wheel flanges while a true 2-rail piece of rolling stock would have small wheel flanges and in addition it would be shorter in length.

    3-rail track is not quite to scale because it sits a little higher. Their rail cars and trains have larger flanges to prevent derailments. The rolling stock and engines are shorter to go around tight curves.

    There isn’t anything wrong with being a high railer, I’m one and I love it.

    The true O scale people are purist with 2-rail track at properly scaled height and use larger wider curves. In addition their rolling stock and engines are scale in length.

    I guess you can say you and I are O gauge people and the 2-rail folks are O scale people. Technically this is the proper terms but like me most people just say O scale for everything.
  3. Dave Farquhar

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    Because the trucks and wheels on the Williams aren't scale either. Only the car is. The flanges on the wheels and the knuckle coupler are oversize. It makes for more reliable operation (fewer derailments, etc.) but isn't as realistic. 2-rail vs. 3-rail really comes down to what's most important to you. If scale fidelity is the most important thing to you, then 2-rail is what you want (assuming Proto:48 isn't what you're after). If you want to watch a train go around in circles and you want to be able to run it at high speeds and not have to wonder if it'll stay on the tracks if you step away from the controls for a minute, then 3-rail is what you want.

    I can appreciate 2-rail, but 3-rail is what I want in my basement. I don't have anything against 2-rail, just like I don't have anything against other scales. Some of my most pleasant memories of childhood revolve around playing with my Dad's postwar Lionels with him in our basement. So that third rail, the ozone, the off-scale O27 trains and buildings are all positive things for me.

    Now one of my best friends is a railroad freak and he's been railfanning with his dad almost ever since he could walk. For him, HO scale is where it's at because he wants realism and good models of the stuff he's spent 30-plus years chasing and photographing. I don't think there's anything wrong with him and he doesn't think there's anything wrong with me. We just have different priorities.
  4. ozzy

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    the things i do like about my willams car is

    1. the box /packing it was packed like most only pack engines. i think i could drop this box car off the house and it would not get a scratch .

    2. trucks are all metal, where lionel has plastic trucks with metal wheels.

    3. the price, it was 20.00 cheaper then what lionel or MTH's car of the same thing.

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