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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Don Gilham, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. 60103

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    Just a warning: American Flyer is S scale (3/16" = 1') on 7/8" gauge track. Pre-warAF is still mostly S scale, but on O gauge 3-rail track.
  2. Cannonball

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    You didn't happen to ask him where the heck my winning lottery ticket happens to be while you were talking did you? :D
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    ozzy3 Rail Trains Go So Fast That They Need That 3rd Rail To Keep Them On The Track.......................... Ya Thats It...........

    No, actualy:D Lionel developed the 3 rail system so that the outer rails were negative charged while the inner one is positive. This way the track won't short circut in a reversing loop:D But what do I know, I model HO scale, and here I am explaining O scale:oops: sign1
  4. ozzy

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    yep hes right, it is S gauge. i was wrong.

  5. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member was a joke.

  6. Greg Elems

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    Hi Don,

    That is the neat thing about the MTH 3-2 engines. They can work on either 2-Rail or 3-Rail. All you do is remove the middle roller, power pick up, and move the wire from that to the correct side. I imagine the insturctions are clear enough. If you get the 3-2 version with the larger flanges, it will still run on 2-Rail. If you get the one with the scale finer flanges, it will run on 3-Rail trac when you install the center roller. The question then becomes how will the larger flanges work on the Atlas scale 2-Rail switches. Now I've found that MTH flanges aren't as big as Lionels older engines, which I have several of. I should check the back to back mesurement of the MTH 3-2 and compare it to the Atlas switch. I use the Atlas 2-Rail track, it looks pretty American to my eye. :) Also some of our newer track getting laid down here in the US looks European because of the cement ties and rail clips to hold the rail. :) I've read where the MTH 3-2 was converted to 2-Rail and it ran ok on a club layout. I just don't remember if it was an older layout with larger rails and built for bigger flanges.

    Hope this helps.


  7. Greg Elems

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    Forgot to mention that the scale wheels don't like the round tubular head rail. Some track like Gargraves is tubular but it has a square head and my scale wheel sets run fine on it. The scale wheels don't look real good going through the Atlas 3-Rail switches but that is due to the frog being built for bigger flanges.

  8. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    Thanks for that Greg, but don't fret - I'm firmly a 2 rail man :)
  9. Dave Farquhar

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    O Scale Trains and O Scale News. and . OSN has a reputation for being late with delivering its issues but it's been around 36 years, so it must be keeping people happy with its content. OST has downloadable back issues on its site.
  10. ozzy

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  11. Jim Krause

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    Cannonball: Its not snobbery. It was a simple statement of fact. I did, at a very early age, lose interest in my Marx train set for the noted reasons. I then went to Lionel for a couple of years before getting involved in HO because I could see a greater fidelity to the real thing. I see nothing wrong with having Lionel equipment but to me its just not accurate for the most part.
  12. Geno

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    Lionel's newer scale line of steamers and diesels are definitely alot more realistic than their past offerings, and compare well to the competition from Altas and MTH. But strictly speaking, the Lionel models aren't as accurate as the MTH or Atlas units in terms of prototype details- but they do capture the look and feel of the engine they're modelled after.

    I personally am not a big fan of the 3rd rail either- that is what drove me to persue the studrail approach (Atlas 2 rail with a concealed studrail in the middle). But in the meantime I am more than content to run my trains on 027 tubular track while I wait for my studrail to be made.

  13. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    I appologize for snapping but your post did have a rather superior air to it that felt like you were more or less snubbing your nose at the 3 railers. You say you lost interest because they weren't prototypical but there are those of us who really never cared about prototypical. I don't think I even had more than a couple of cars that were all the same rail system until I started collecting N&W a couple of months ago. (Although now I wish I had stuck with BN/ATSF/BNSF)
  14. ozzy

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    hmm, i guess i better go find an 3 rail only forum then. to me its not O gauge without the 3rd rail.
  15. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    Oh Ozzy, don't be silly :) :) :)

    O Gauge (like all railway modelling) is different things to different people.

    F'r'instance, some could well frown upon the fact that I'm going to model a freelance road, but what theheck - it's my railway, so ner :D

    But it WILL be 2 rail ;)
  16. Renovo PPR

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    Trains are trains. To tell the truth I can’t tell the difference when either 2 rail or 3 rail is running down the track.

    Now the only thing I want to know which will take a tight corner at high speed better, the larger flange of the 3 rail or the lower flange of the 2 rail?

    [FONT=&quot]Good luck on finding that MTH Decapod. In addition I hope you get your sailors back soon.[/FONT]
  17. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    Hi Renovoo

    Nice reply, and as I said this great hobby is (and hopefully always will be) horses for courses. :thumb:

    Thanks for the sailor comment, very nice of you :)
  18. Justin

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    They do have 2-Rail scale models in O,they just ain't cheap or easy th find. 3-rail AC is a collecters thing, not for high quality,realistic layouts.
  19. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    3rd rail- YUCKpeasoup !!!

    Unless of course you are running a model of a prototypical loco that pics up from an outside third rail.....

    announce1 Whoooo- NOT FOR ME. (Though I do own 3 three rail wagons-
    so I'm a hipocrit!!:oops: )
  20. pgandw

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    You guys in 2 rail need to get a life. :D

    T'ain't nuttin finer than watching the LBP hurl the cans out of the milk car. Or adjusting the voltage to get the cattle to move around the ramp, into the car, and out of the car, at just the right speed. Or watching the chain and bucket drive of the impossibly big coal loader move that coal up to the top of the tower. And my electrical engineer buddies are always oohing and ahing over the barrels vibrating their way UP the ramp. Why it's enough to put a big grin on even a grown man's face! :thumb:

    Just don't confuse me with somebody who has space to swing 36+" radius curves!

    yours in toy trains

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