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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Don Gilham, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    Hi Folks :wave:

    It's very hard modelling USA Outline in O Scale over here (UK). Hardly any retailers carry the stock.

    I have only just started modelling this line, as for many years (too many that I care to remember) I have modelled Brit outline in OO gauge. But there is something so appealing about an American steaming beast :D

    I've been after an MTH Decapod for a loooooong time :cry: and I can never find one that is 2 rail with scale wheels. They all seem to be "Hi-Rail". So, please, could anyone tell me the difference between 2 rail Scale Wheels and 2 Rail Hi Rail wheels ?

    Please, if you can, give me some idea ? Thanks :)
  2. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    ya need to give up that 2 rail and go to 3 rail! lol

    MTH makes 2 rail stuff?????? all i ever seen was 3 rail.
  3. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    Hi Ozzy :)

    MTH make 2 rail ? Yeah they do - now I'm not sure if you're pulling my leg or not :D

    But isn't it about time you guys joined us in the 21st century and went 2 rail ? We ditched 3 rail over here back in the 60s (1860's :D )

    announce1 GO TWO RAIL......

  4. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    :) yes MTH does make that 2 rail stuff. Though I don't know why. :)
  5. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    It's because they're sensible, and realise that 2 rail is the way to where have I heard that before ? sign1

    Besides, when I look at a railway track over here, all I see in between the rails is the ties (or sleepers as we call them) and the ballast :D

    Over to you :)

    (Great railroad to model by the way :thumb: )
  6. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    and you was just saying you cant find much in 2 rail,, ummm theres a reason for

    i would say that theres more 3 rail stuff made then 2 rail in O gauge. maybe not. i only know of one company that is now making 2 rail (well 2 now that i found out MTH is) i know lionel tried doing 2 rail for awhile but they was junk.

    do MTH have a diff catolog for 2 rail? i just looked through my 2007 and did not see anything where there is 2 rail engines.

    90% of my 0- gauge trains are pre and post war lionel and marx. most of the new stuff dont do a thing for me. but there a few newer engines and rolling stock i will buy. if it catch my eye.

  7. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Hi Don,

    MTH has slowly started selling engines with scale wheels. By scale wheels, that means the tread is narrower than the tread on the high rail wheels. The flanges are smaller than the high rail flanges. The scale wheels are very nice looking and compare well with straight 2 rail locomotives. The MTH 2-3 steamers have insulated wheels so that sliding a switch and adding or removing the middle rail rollers the engine is usable on either track. 3 rail wheel sets aren't insulated, don't need to be, and will short out a 2 rail layout. I'm not sure if MTH has sold the Decopod with the scale wheels and 2-3 switch. Otherwise it will take a set of scale insulated wheel sets replacing the high rail wheels. The center roller will have to be removed and the wheels on the tender will need to be replaced also. Hope this helped.

  8. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    3-railers Rock!!!!!

  9. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    3 Rail Trains Go So Fast That They Need That 3rd Rail To Keep Them On The Track.......................... Ya Thats It...........
  10. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Don: Hi-rail is a term for advanced tinplate. It's 3-rail O-gauge but using (usually) wider curves and better quality scenery.
    The track standards for hi-rail are compatible with Lionel or pre-war Hornby O gauge.
    There is 2-rail O gauge over here -- I can think of 3 clubs within an hour's drive of me, but it does get overwhelmed by the toy stuff. What I can't think of is a hobby shop that stocks much 2-rail.
    Of course, trying to find British O-gauge is almost as much of a problem.

    When I was in England, not only did they have a rail down the middle, they had an extra one on the outside.
  11. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    *LOL* true, I suppose you must have spent time in the south of the country (and around London).

    Thanks to you, and Greg, for the info.

    A question for Greg, then - if I were to get a Decapod that was a 3-2 rail convertible, would it still run on 2 rail track (I'm thinking of Atlas 2 rail, it looks fairly good to me - the Peco offering deosnt really look American ?)
  12. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    have you looked into gargraves phantom rail yet? you cant see the center rail in that stuff . our club is going to that stuff
  13. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    Ahhhhh but it's still 3 rail Ozzy old chap, with the horrid coarse scale wheels that look pre-prehistoric.

    Time check for you 3 the moment it's 12:25 British Daylight Savings Time, and oh yes...the year....2007 [:D]
  14. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member


    you know there are 3-rail trains that are to scale. you got to pay out the but for them tho. but you pay out the but for 2-rail as well, thats if you can find it. i can go to any hobby/train shop and find something in 3 rail, i cant say that for 2 rail . im sure thats not the case on your side of the pond tho.

    check out american flyer, there 2 rail i think, lionel owns/makes them now. there in the 2007 lionel book
  15. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    Hi Ozzy :)

    Thanks for that, all the American Flyer stuff I've seen on (good old life saving) Ebay has been toy stuff mostly - but I will certainly check it out, thanks :)

    If I am going to extract money from my posterior for models, though, I'd much rather they were 2 rail :D
  16. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    Don: We tolerate the kids and their toy stuff. I personally outgrew three rail trains at the age of about ten. I noticed about then that real railroads didn't have that extra rail in the middle and very few of them ran four wheel locomotives with no valve gear or pistons.
    You will find ad's in US publications for both "hi rail" and scale versions of many O scale cars and locomotives.
  17. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    what are we going to do with all the goofy 2

    i kinda like the old toy like look. i have an 4' X 16' N scale layout im working on for when i want to run a scaled train and a detailed layout,

    so my "baby trains" are 2

    i think most the AF stuff on ebay is all the old pre and post war stuff, i have not seen the newer stuff on there.

  18. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    This kind of snobbery is part of the reason we get so loud about 3 rail.
    When you get right down to it, unless your going full scale- they're all just toys!
  19. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    Thanks again guys - Jim, could you tell me, please, what the best magazines are for 2 rail O ?

    N Scale Ozzy !! Blimey my eyes can't even get to grips with OO (sorry, HO !) nowadays ! :)
  20. Don Gilham

    Don Gilham New Member

    We must have posted at the same time, Cannonball :)

    I did tell God, actually, and he apologised profusely :D

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