It's time to RE-ANIMATE!

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Dave Flinn, Feb 12, 2001.

  1. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    I got animated myself last night, my little wooflehead put a dirty paw on the new building I was making. She is now sulking in the corner.
  2. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    I know this is a'trainboard', but just what kind of 'wooflehead' is that over in the corner? I'm assuming Canine...we have an Alaskan Malamute living with us..the hair might become a problem for the layout once I start building it in the soon to be 'former' bedroom...she stays right close by wherever I am.
    VGN [​IMG]

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  3. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Virginian, ---this little darling.

  4. JeffGerow

    JeffGerow Member

    I love the hovering dog -- great effect -- and just where does one get pixie dust?

    The tornados were made two different ways: one was a flat board that spun to make the cylindrical appearance, the second was indeed cotton or batting twisted around an armature, it also spun. Various shades of gray and small details spinning completed the effect (not to mention the gash in the landscape). A few sound effects and "we are in Kansas now, Toto!"
  5. kf4jqd

    kf4jqd Active Member

    Hello George:

    I think you will get mad at me for doing this in the future. I want to computize EVERYTHING on my layout! However, animation is very important. Here is some of my plans for animation.

    1. I want the passenger train to make regular stops at the main station. I also want it to switch off the main track to a small town to unload and load passengers. I would like automated passenger movement at this station. I think my budget wont cover it.

    2. I want my switcher to be told by the computer what cars to move and put on the frieght line.

    3. I want skiiers and snowboarders coming down my mountain. YES, MOVING!!!!!!!!!!

    4. I want car and truck traffic to move.

    5. I even want people to move.

    6. Signal lights to autmaticlly switch colors. That is almost done.

    7. Working crossing gates. ( working it!)

    8. Even some animals to move.

    9. I would like to add real water, but my local hobby shoppe guy told me not too. So what about moving boats?

    This reminds me of a ham radio magazine called, "QST". In the article called, " I have to get another hobby". A man completly computerize his ham radio station. The computer did everything from talking to a foreign station to turning his antenna. All he had to do is make a phone call and tell the computer what to do when he was away.

    I don't want to take the human out of the picture. I love driving those trains! Sometime you want them to be left alone and just watch the world you have just created! Now, would that look great under the Christmas tree this year!

  6. George

    George Member

    Andy, that's NO Prozac moment!

    You're most ambitious, yet most of what you desire here is presently available in reality.

    I saw in the other thread where you found the "Berkshire" company site for lights. Solved.

    You want running autos? Go to the next trainshow early and breeze through everything looking for Aurora Thunderjet HO equipment and supplement with new gear from the two sites I've mentioned. Voila, moving HO cars. Don't want slot track? Get the Faller system. Solved!

    Moving people? Glue a bunch to a moving belt with the ends hidden by buildings or a truck. Solved!

    Working gates? NJ International. Solved!

    Moving skiiers? NOCH has them. Solved!

    Real water? Listen to your friend in the hobby shoppe! Solved! (fuggedaboudit!)

    Moving animals? Glue a bunch of cows to a conveyor belt like the one for people. Want a spectacle? Have them going from out of a truck and into the back door of a McDonald's! Solved!

    Automated switching? CMRI! Solved!

    Automated layout? Again, CMRI. Solved!

    Now here's the one you have to solve for me. Want an automated layout w/CMRI? Fine. I understand that you want to sit back or leisurely walk about while taking everything in. What will you do when you hear the tell-tale rattle of a derailed wheel, the train is approaching a bridge and the nearest throttle is clear around the layout? [​IMG]

    It took me years to get further away from the controls than six feet. My last layout operated flawlessly to the point that I could turn out the lights in the room, turn on the building and street lights, leave the layout room and look at the trains through the window from OUTSIDE. That was fun. In 8 years, I had maybe two catastrophic derailments while playing tourist outside.

    I taught my wife how to recognize the sound of an impending derailment, and to hustle and kill the main power switch to EVERYTHING if she was closer to the cockpit than I.

    I didn't need a computer to do that. [​IMG]

    Happy Rails!


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