It's the Thursday the Day After Christmas Say Hello

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TomPM, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. TomPM

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    It's Thursday the Day After Christmas Say Hello

    Good morning folks

    Since it seems like I am the first one to crawl in here this morning I will fire up the pots and set out the donuts and Christmas cookies. So pour yourself a cup, take a seat, and say a hello.

    We officially had a white Christmas here in the Delaware Valley yesterday with about an inch of snow. We had a lot of rain during the morning, which turned to snow as the day progressed. As a result there is a lot of hidden ice this morning. Temperature is 34 F (1 C) but the wind is blowing hard so it feels much colder.

    I hope everybody had a good Christmas. I got a few railroad things. My daughter got me the Bachmann Pink Lady Boutique kit. Her favorite color is pink. My son got my two Bachmann Amfleet coaches and a Life-Like Amtrak F7A. The kids had a great day. We had a nice family dinner. Amazingly we have only four items to exchange.

    I was going to do some modeling last night until I discovered that I have no white paint to airbrush with. Decided to scan some pictures for my website instead.

    I hope everybody has a good day.
  2. absnut

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    Good moring (yawn)! Been up since "O-dark-thirty" (5:00am) blowing a foot of snow out of the driveway so my wife could get off to work. Retirement has it's advantages and disadvantages. Think I'll contract out this year for someone to plow my driveway.

    Christmas brought all my family (except for a son and his wife on the west coast and another on the Gulf coast) home, including 6 grandchildren and one great-grand son (I married early at 10!). Got a nice new camera, and a whole bunch of other, non-train, things.

    Think I'll spend the day kit-bashing some MDC coaches into some B&M combines and a sleeper. And, maybe tomorrow, too...... My gift to self arrived from WigWag Tuesday........ how timely!

    Best wishes for a great day from snow-covered southern Maine.

  3. acshrpe

    acshrpe Member

    Morning to all. Thanks for the coffee TomPM. I can sure use some. I'll pass on the donuts - had enough sweets yesterday and the day before. Its 25F here but with the wind the say it feels like 15F. By the time the snow was done yesterday about noon, we got about 6 - 9" of snow and it was blowing into drifts which made the roads dangerous. Even I-80/90 was down to one lane in most places.

    Yesterday we "clean up the house" day. Stuff was scattered all over. We are a small family so got to stay home. Had company last night so working on the train was out. Our 13 yr old was working on the layout while he was here so something did get done on it. Maybe tonight we can work on it and get more done.

    Have a good one today and will stop by tomorrow.
  4. Gardenrrguy

    Gardenrrguy Member

    Hello! I guess a few inches of frozen ice counts as a white christmas!
    I'm just enjoying a day off (for a change). I think I'll start on some of the models I bought myself for christmas.

    Happy Christmas!
  5. Good morning, everyone.

    I hope you had a very merry Christmas. Ours was a little different. We had to change plans three times for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because one of our daughters and her fiance' were snowed in at his family's place in St. Louis. They finally got here in the middle of the day yesterday.

    I got an MDC 3-truck Shay kit and a couple of other model RR items. I have already put together the MDC Class B Shay kit, so the three-trucker will be a perfect addition. [:)]

    Have a nice day, everyone. [:)]
  6. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Coffee sounds good, don't need to eat (till next year!). All my girls are here, and busy seeing their friends. We had a good Christmas, and had just enough snow to make it a white one. The only train thing I got was a gift cert' for the local hobby shop. The rest was "Lord of the Rings" stuff. Seen the Two Towers twice already.
    I don't expect things to get back to "normal" until after New Years, so I'll get out and see what I've missed the last couple of days. Later,
  7. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    Good morning all.
    In my family, we draw names so we know we will get at least one gift. I got a gift Cert. from one of my grandsons for a hobby shop in Sacramento. Will have to go over there in the next couple of weeks.
    It seems that everybody made cookies and candy and passed them around.

    When I went to bed last night the temp was 35 f. Got up at 8 this morning and the temp was 40F and it had rained last night.

    Since we moved to this area in 1969, we had snow twice and just enough to cover the ground, about 1/2 inch.
  8. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    Not so much morning here but at least the rain has stopped and the sun is making a rare appearance.
    Gave my new N Scale Kato SD40 a test run on my NTrak modules and it runs great. The Atlas GN standard cupola caboose and Micro Trains NP 50ft Double Door Boxcar will be welcome additions to the roster.
    Off to visit some freinds for a Boxing Day Bash.
    Have a great one.

  9. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    revenge of the cutty wren.

    ...and a happy Martyrdom of St. Stephen to you all!
    I'm not allowed to hog the telephone line till after 6:00 pm, so I missed morning coffee.
    We shovelled the driveway twice (second time was light) and then before my father left the snowplow came by and we had to shovel that.
    (Does anyone have a word for the stuff the snowplow leaves, other than ones that will attract Dave's attention?)
  10. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    Re: revenge of the cutty wren.

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