It's Sunday - Train show!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by acshrpe, Dec 15, 2002.

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    Morning all. Well, here it is Sunday already. Coffee is on, hot water on the stove for the hot tea also. Pancakes are ready with either strawberries or blueberries for toppings. Come and enjoy or the chickens will get the leftovers.
    Not going to be home long this morning. There is a train show in Toledo we are going to. Got to get the boys (little ones) some Christmas presents. Then back home to make the Christmas goodies.:D :D

    All of you have a good day and we will talk at you over breakfast tomorrow.
  2. A belated good morning, everyone. And greetings from abnormally warm Lake of the Ozarks, where the temp when I got up was 27 F. Now, 5 hours later, it's brightly sunny and almost 60! Ahhhh, the weather in Missouri....

    I finally finished the last of my winterization projects yesterday. I got the de-icers in the water around the boat dock. At least I had decent weather for it this year.:rolleyes:

    No model building last night. I had intended to work on my latest work train project, but I got sidetracked by an ad in a new computer magazine and spent the evening doing some online price shopping. But there's always this evening for model building. :p

    Everyone have a good day. :)
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    Evening folks

    It took me two days to get here. I thought I would drop in and say hello.

    I was able to seal a couple of cars I finished airbrushing. Now I will have to add the dry transfers to them and finish them.

    Of course I don't know if I'll get any done tonight. Got to help make cookies.

    Well I hope everyone has a good evening.

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