Its Monday 7-31-06, Weekend modeling accomplishments!

Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by TomPM, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. TomPM

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    It turned out to be one of those run around weekends. Started with the normal grocery store runs and evolved into the dreaded shoe and clothing shopping excursions. Sunday proved to be better, however, as the family took in and enjoyed a movie: “Lady in the Water.”

    I made about thirty trees of varying size for the layout. I also finished planting trees and foliage on most of the hillside above the rock face. I spent some time running test trains around the layout paying close attention to next area to be tacked down. I was getting ready to lay the road bed when I discovered that I had not glued down several big pieces of the pink foam board, so I had to that and that ended any track laying.
  2. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    Well I didn't get any modeling done but I did manage to get pictures of my Cottage Scene I have been doing for sometime now. Other than that no other progress was made train wise for me.

    :wave: Have A Safe & Wonderful Week Everyone :wave:
  3. viperman

    viperman Active Member

    Made some progress laying down styrofoam to mold some hills. Also was able to round off the edges to get the hill shape, on most of it, and even some work on plastering the hills. Still have A LOT to go though
  4. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    "Planted" some grass...and still looking for some good tips on what to use for large grassy areas in Nscale...the fake fur just doesn't look right even after it's cut to scale.
  5. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Finished weathering two more HO boxcars,and got started on my chop nosed GP-SD 7s&9s (in N scale) they are posted in the photo forum.

    Got about 4' of cork roadbed down and the same amount of basic scenery forms on the 2TRAK module.
  6. MilesWestern

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