Its Monday 7-03-06, Weekend modeling accomplishments!

Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by TomPM, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. TomPM

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    Actually this weekend didn’t turn out half bad. We took the kids for the day down to Wildwood Crest, NJ for some sand and surf. The water was cold but it was still nice to take a dip in the ocean. It did not seem to bother the kids. I got 2 pounds of fudge and a bunch of saltwater taffies to keep us busy for a day or two. We also managed to get the biweekly shopping run in without incident.

    I did some work on the garden railroad. I started screwing some of the track together. When we were at the pet store I found some aquarium stone that will make a good ballast. The only problem is the price per bag and how many bags I will need. On the layout I colored the wing wall, the rock face, and the old stone arch bridge. I still have some washes to apply to the wing wall and bridge. I am about half done the coloring of the rock face.
  2. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Can't find my silver tulle to finish my light tower project:oops:

    Was given a "Cutty Sark" sailing ship and a steamboat this weekend, fully assembled, very close to HO scale (1/90) and in need of a dusting and some touchup. Looking forward to seeing where I put them:thumb: Casino maybe...yikesjawdrop
  3. Catt

    Catt Guest

    My weekend ain't over yet (still got two days left :D ).

    I got a little bit done on the SDP45 namely the railings on the engineer's side ,and put some new fans on it.Might just post a couple pics tomorrow (OOPS! I mean later this morning).Other than that I haven't done anything else worth reporting but I may have before bedtime on the fourth.
  4. Jim Krause

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    If you have a feed store or pet shop in your area you might try looking for what is called "Chicken Grit". It comes in several sizes and can be bought in bulk. It is granite, ground to a specific size. It should be cheaper than the aquarium stuff.
  5. MasonJar

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    Hey, here's the thread...

    A late birthday present arrived with a bunch of kits - Jordan horse and buggy, Busch sunflowers and pumpkin patch, and a LifeLike cattle pen. These were all courtesy of my sister, who is insistant that the pumpkin patch be installed right away (nevermind that I haven't even built the modular frame...!).

    Then we went poking around in Perth sans enfants and discovered a hobby shop going out of business. My wife picked up a few things for her quilting obsession, and I found some deals on groundfoam, detail parts, and Testors spray paint at $2 a can.

    When we got home, I made trees with the 4 year-old.

    What a great weekend.

  6. Scoobie

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    Well, I put up a Hammock under a tree in the backyard, need I say more.:oops:
  7. Ray Marinaccio

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    An eventful extended weekend. Thursday My son and I went to an operating session.
    Friday my wife surprised me with an unexpected trip to the hobby shop, where we ran into an old model railroad buddy I haven't seen for awhile.
    Saturday the order from Walthers came in and a friend came over to run trains. Sunday we had an N scale club meeting to run trains and discuss prepping the layout for our upcoming club sponsored swap meet. I got to run the two Bachmann 4-8-4s I have been working on (they don't like the sharp turns on our home layout). Afterwards we spent a few hours looking for signs of the old 20" gauge railroad that ran from Arizona City to Poland Junction. (Couldn't find it).
    When we got home My wife and one of her friends were getting ready to go horse back riding. No one got thrown this time.

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